Auto Attendant & Intro Greeting

How to Add an Auto Attendant

  1. To add an auto attendant, from the auto attendants tab, click Add Attendant.
  2. Enter a name and extension that is not in use.
  3. Now select a time frame for this auto attendant. Then click add.
  4. You have the option to add an intro greeting to play before the auto attendant. Or to allow the caller to interact with the menu right away, skip the intro greeting and set up menu prompts.

How to Add an Intro Greeting

  1. To set up an Intro greeting on an existing auto attendant, click the speaker button, then Add Greeting.
  2. If you already have an mp3 or wav file on your computer, you can upload it directly.
  3. Next, select the timeframe for which this greeting will play. Then click upload.
    Keep in mind that in order for the Auto Attendant to function, you must have at least one Menu Prompt assigned.

How to Setup Auto Attendant Menu Prompts

  1. To allow callers to be able to press menu options at any time during playback of your Auto Attendant greeting, use the menu prompt option.
  2. First, let’s add the menu prompt audio by clicking the speaker. Add a description for the audio file. Then upload an mp3 or wav file from your computer, or the system will call you so you can record one.
  3. Now configure the appropriate dial pad based on your recording. Select 1 to allow the caller to use a dial by name directory, or 2 to send the caller to a call queue.
  4. After making your selection, click Save to enable these features on the Auto Attendant.
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