Carolina Digital Phone Hosted Cloud Phone System for HVAC Companies

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Carolina Digital Phone’s Hosted Cloud Phone System for HVAC Companies

The HVAC industry in the U.S. is booming! According to research by IBISWorld, total revenues in 2019 surpassed $97 billion on the strength of more than 112,000 HVAC businesses of all sizes — from small local contractors to large multi-state enterprises, who collectively employ over 518,000 people right here in the U.S.

Ongoing Growth

Between 2014 and 2019, the HVAC industry has enjoyed a 2.4% CAGR — and there is no sign of a slowdown. On the contrary, a report from Grand View Research predicts that the U.S. HVAC industry will grow at a 5.7% CAGR clip through 2025, at which time it will generate $136.5 billion in annual revenues. Says the report: “Increasing urbanization and emergence of energy efficient heating and ventilation systems is the driving force for the growth of the market.”

Fierce and Relentless Competition

The good news is that more homeowners and businesses are investing or re-investing in HVAC systems, maintenance, and other related products and services. However, the bad news is that virtually all HVAC companies face fierce and relentless competition. Unlike other sectors where a small number of players command a large portion of the market, in the HVAC industry, the nation’s biggest firm accounts for only 5 percent of the industry’s overall revenue. While this is beneficial for customers since it means there are plenty of choices, it is a massive challenge for HVAC companies that struggle to ensure they stand out and apart from the crowd — while at the same time, operate in an efficient and customer-focused manner that protects margins and generates repeat business and referrals.

Fortunately, that is where our state-of-the-art hosted cloud phone system enters the picture and helps HVAC companies thrive instead of struggle!

Key Benefits

  • Affordably and Easily Onboard Seasonal Workers: The HVAC industry experiences substantial demand fluctuation throughout the year. For example, during cold snaps in the dead of winter, the phone rings off the hook as residential and business customers urgently need furnace maintenance, repairs or replacements. And during heat waves in the summer, customers are clamoring to fix their malfunctioning or under-performing AC. Our hosted cloud phone system makes it affordable and easy for HVAC companies to onboard seasonal workers. Within seconds, temp hires (or temp-to-perm hires) can get their very own extension and voicemail box, so they can be productive right away. This is a major advantage vs. a conventional on-premise landline phone system, where adding a new extension may require a full system upgrade — which is costly and time consuming

  • Make a Positive First Impression: As noted above, HVAC companies face stiff competition from both established and new players. As a result, making a positive first impression isn’t just important, it’s essential. Our hosted cloud phone system features auto attendant, which professionally greets customers on the first ring, and invites them to connect with an individual or team (e.g. sales, service, billing, etc.). What’s more, HVAC companies can implement a hosted VoIP contact center to answer calls after hours, and make sure that no sales opportunities are missed, and all service requests are promptly and properly handled. They can also track a range of call analytics through a web-based dashboard to improve efficiency and customer service.

  • Boost Customer Service and Sales: Our hosted cloud system allows HVAC companies to record a custom message that is played for customers while they’re on hold. For example, during a severe cold snap or heat wave, customers can be told that service technicians are working around the clock. Or, customers can be told about special promotions, such as discounts on maintenance plans or rebates on new systems. Regardless of the content of the messages (or music if preferred), the end result is informed and impressed customers — which means more loyalty, more referrals, and more sales.

  • Mobile and Remote Working: The vast majority of HVAC companies have small teams that spend most of their time out in the field providing estimates, performing installations, handling maintenance, and so on. Our mobile app for iOS and Android enables these “road warriors” to stay connected regardless of where they are. For example, from their smartphone they can make and receive calls, share instant messages, check call history, access directories, access availability/busy status, and more. Plus, all outgoing calls made through our app display the HVAC company’s information on Caller ID, not the individual worker’s personal information. This presents a professional and polished image, and is also important for privacy.

  • Business Continuity: The last thing that an HVAC company can afford is for current and prospective customers to hear a “sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service” message when they call for sales or support; especially if they need urgent help. Fortunately, our VoIP phone system is built to continue operating even in the event of a local power outage — from relatively short brownouts (which are increasingly common due to the nation’s aging and over-burdened power grid), to longer blackouts caused by severe weather, natural disasters, or man-made emergencies. HVAC companies can also forward calls to any other phone, including landlines.

  • Substantially Reduce Year-Over-Year Telecommunications Costs: Our hosted cloud phone system operates at a much lower cost vs. a conventional on-premise landline phone system, with many HVAC companies poised to save 50% or more each year. There are no major upfront capital expenditures, no domestic long distance costs, no maintenance costs, and all ongoing technical support, upgrades and innovations are handled by our expert U.S.-based team. Plus, unlike conventional phone companies that always increase fees, our affordable pricing is fixed and predictable — which makes forecasting and budgeting easy.

  • Advanced Calling Features: Our hosted cloud phone system provides HVAC companies with a full range of advanced calling features to increase productivity, performance, efficiency, worker safety, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Features include (but are not limited to) voicemail to email, live call transfer, video calling, conferencing, paging, intercom, presence, and the list goes on.

To learn more about how our hosted cloud phone system will help your HVAC company stand apart from the crowd — while at the same time, operate in an efficient and customer-focused manner that protects margins and generates repeat business and referrals —contact us today at 336-544-4000 for your FREE consultation and demo. We can visit you at your location, or connect with you over the web.