Contact Centers: The Next Generation


What do Americans love? Buying goods and services! According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, consumer spending makes up roughly 68% of the economy each year. From the supply side of the economy, however, the bigger a company’s sales get, the more they need to invest in an optimal customer service experience. After all, a recent report on contact centers found that 67% of customers are likely to switch suppliers if they have a bad customer service experience.

In this report, we explain why the contact center market in the US is skyrocketing. We focus on how a combination of telephone agent/self-service applications will heavily dominate contact center operations throughout 2021, making voice services absolutely critical to get right. Finally, we explain how Unified Communications (UC) can provide the solid foundation contact centers need to enable improved team collaboration and customer service experiences (CX). We demonstrate how contact centers can use leading-class UC platforms like our SNAPsolution to layer innovative self-service, mobility, chatbot and AI-based applications – all in the name of improving competitiveness, customer retention and revenue.

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