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When you upgrade your business communications to our All-in-One Solution, you get more than just advanced features and unlimited capabilities. You Get 3 FREE MONTHS! Sign up for a three-year contract, and we'll give you three months at no charge whatsoever! PLUS, we'll upgrade your phones at a drastically discounted rate!

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Why Carolina Digital Phone

When you get your business communications through Carolina Digital Phone, you get more than just a reliable, flexible, and affordable solution. You Get Us! We believe in treating you how you deserve to be treated and providing you with top of the line service to go with our top of the line solution! We believe that you’ll love our service and solution so much, that when you sign a three-year agreement, we’ll throw in 3 months FREE! On top of your free service, we will also give you an allowance to put towards upgrading your phones! We don’t just limit you to the base model, but give you the freedom of CHOICE when it comes to your phones! 

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Our support team works hard so you don’t need us! But if you do we’ll be here to answer questions and fix any issues as fast as possible.

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The monthly price quoted is the price you get. No additional taxes or service fees. We’ll cover those costs for you.

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Reliable & Secure

We do not rely on third parties and we offer 24/7 security monitoring so your business is always protected and compliant.

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We have a team of dedicated engineers ready for your current and future needs as you grow and develop your business.

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You’ll receive access to full range of enterprise-grade features such as auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, live call forwarding, video conferencing, and more! Our All-in-One Solution truly fits all of your business’s needs!

3 FREE MONTHS OF ULtimate mobility

Our mobile application puts your office phone right in your pocket! Protect your brands integrity while still allowing your team to communicate from anywhere! Plus, with our desk phones and softphones, your team is sure to get exactly what they’re looking for.

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