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Digital Phone News

Cloud Phone System Feature Spotlight: Auto Attendant

One of the most important — and also the most loved — features of a cloud-based phone system is Auto-Attendant. Much more than an answering machine, Auto-Attendant is an automated, sophisticated, customizable, and VERY easy-to-use virtual receptionist. Key Benefits Here are some benefits of Auto-Attendant that will make your team wonder how they managed without […]


5 Secrets of Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity for Success

At the height of World War II, Sir Winston Churchill said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Think about it. On the surface, what possible good could arise from a crisis? The answer is that it gives us an urgency to examine and rethink how things are working and how we can improve. […]


Why BYOD for VoIP is a Must!

When you’re hosting a party, the acronym that fills your heart with joy is “BYOB,” which stands for “Bring Your Own Beer” (or other preferred adult beverage). But if your company is planning on upgrading to a VoIP phone system, there’s a different acronym that is even more worthy of your love: BYOD. BYOD stands […]


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