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Working remotely with a hosted phone service from Carolina Digital Phone can provide several benefits to help your business thrive and grow with hybrid workers. Some of these benefits include:

Increased Flexibility: Hosted phone services allow employees to work from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This increased flexibility can lead to improved job satisfaction and productivity for hybrid workers.

Improved Communication: Hosted phone services offer features such as virtual meetings, call forwarding, and voicemail, which can help to improve communication between remote and in-office employees.

Lower Costs: Hosted phone services can lower costs associated with traditional phone systems, as there is no need to invest in expensive hardware or maintain a physical phone system.

Scalability: Hosted phone services can easily scale up or down to accommodate changes in the size of your business, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Improved Security: Hosted phone services are maintained and managed by professionals, ensuring that important business information is kept secure.

Overall, a hosted phone service from Carolina Digital Phone can provide a number of benefits to businesses with hybrid workers, helping them to thrive and grow in a constantly evolving business landscape.

Work from anywhere with a complete mobile solution for your business. The office is wherever you make it with our all-in-one solution that combines all the necessary communications needed with all the features you can’t live without! Enjoy phone, fax, texting, video, conferencing, and more! Put your office phone directly into your pocket and take your work to-go with Carolina Digital Phone.

  • Local North Carolina Support
  • Transparent Pricing, No Surprises
  • Reliable & Secure in 3 geo-redundant data centers
  • Applications Integrations via API
local support work from anywhere


Our support team works hard so you don’t need us! But if you need us while you work from anywhere we’ll be here to answer questions and fix any issues as fast as possible.

transparent pricing that lets you work from anywhere


The monthly price quoted is your price. There are not any additional fees, taxes, or service fees. We absorb these fees in our cost.

reliable and secure

Reliable & Secure

We follow the strict security and privacy protocols set by HIPAA. We do not rely on third parties and we have 24/7 security monitoring while you work from anywhere.

integrate programs into your services work from anywhere


We have a team of dedicated engineers ready for your custom and future needs as you grow and develop your business.

work from anywhere

Extensive List of Features Included while you work from anywhere

Every customer can work from anywhere with access to a full range of enterprise-grade features such as auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, live call forwarding, video conferencing, and the list goes on.

Always adding more to work from anywhere

We are always working with our engineering team to add new features and enhancements helping you work from anyhere. So if you have something you would like added let us know and it might be in our next update.

business phone app features work from anywhere

We Are Committed To work from anywhere

best user experience, intuitive and easy to use

Providing the best user experience with software that is intuitive & easy to use.

“I’ve been a client of Digital phone for 6 years and every year these guys out do them selves. They have an amazing team and a user-friendly system that is the top of the line. These guys definitely played big role in our success and growth.”


outstanding customer service and expert tech support

Giving outstanding customer service and expert tech support.

“Impeccable Customer Service! After several years, we decided to bite the bullet and switch phone companies at work. Carolina Digital Phone was very professional, expressed amazing customer service and made the switchover FLAWLESS! The fact that our bill was also lowered by about 75% per month was extra BONUS!”


features that bring you to the next level

Guiding you in embracing features that enable you to reach the next level.

“Our firm has been a customer since 2005 and we have always received top notch performance and service from Carolina Digital Phone. Further, as technology changed, we were able to migrate to improved phone systems without missing a beat in our business process flow.”


Over 20 Years Of Service. See Why Our Customers Love Us!


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