Every customer has access to a full range of enterprise-grade features such as auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, live call forwarding, video conferencing, and the list goes on. Staff can stop wishing they had the same tools available in private sector enterprises, and start using them each day to do their jobs better, faster and easier.

At Carolina Digital Phone we are always working with our engineering team to add new features and enhancements. Normally, we have a release of new features twice a year based on user input. So if you have something you would like added let us know and it might be in our next update. Below is listed almost all of the current features available to you as an End-user, Office Manager or Administrator of your services with us. Some features are limited in use based on the permissions you might have.


▪ Dial by Name Directory
▪ Intro Greeting
▪ Post-Welcome Greeting
▪ Dial by Extension
▪ Multiple Language Auto Attendant
▪ Configurable AA Timeouts

Call Pick up
▪ Directed Call pickup
▪ Group pickup
▪ Site pickup
▪ Domain Pickup

Conferencing (Dedicated Bridge)
▪ Leader Login
▪ Leader PIN
▪ Participant PIN
▪ Require Leader to Start
▪ Begin and End times
▪ Max # of Participants
▪ Save Participants
▪ Announce Participants
▪ Arrive/Depart Tones

▪ Handset Paging
▪ Overhead Paging

▪ Blind Call Transfer
▪ Attended Call Transfer
▪ Voicemail Transfer

▪ Call Park
▪ Call Retrieve
▪ Park Retrieve
▪ Call Disposition and Reason
▪ Hotdesking
▪ Attendant Console
▪ Intercom
▪ Mid-Call Recording Redaction
▪ Music on Hold (MOH)
▪ Abandon Rate
▪ Multi-Language IVR
▪ Presence
▪ Time frames

Yealink T-46
Device Related

▪ Auto-Provisioning
▪ Bulk edit via portal
▪ Customization of Phone Directories
▪ Device Overrides- via portal and Admin UI
▪ Device Passwords-via portal and Admin UI
▪ Inventory
▪ Inventory import – via portal and Admin UI
▪ Geography Based Provisioning
▪ Hotdesking
▪ Mass Resync
▪ Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
▪ N-way Call
▪ Preferred Server Location
▪ Shared Line Appearance (SLA)
▪ Star Codes
▪ User Agent Permit Filter
▪ Video Telephony
▪ GUI for device button and template deployment
▪ Queue Status Monitored BLF
▪ Day/Night Mode Monitored BLF


▪ CNAM (Caller ID Name Storage)
▪ E-911
▪ Fax
▪ QOS Monitoring
▪ Voicemail Transcription
▪ Web-based CRM

Call Center

Call Queue Routing
▪ Round Robin (longest idle)
▪ Ring All
▪ Linear Hunt
▪ Linear Cascade Ring – Agents to Ring initially and Agents to add after timeout
▪ Call Park
▪ Forward if Unavailable
▪ Forward if Unanswered
▪ Call Back
▪ SMS queuing

General Call Queue Settings
▪ Call Recording
▪ Statistics
▪ Message to Agent
▪ Require Agents
▪ Require Music on Hold (MOH)
▪ Logout Agent on Missed Call
▪ Intro Greetings

▪ Listen In – No ability to talk to either agent or caller
▪ Barge In – full two-way audio with Agent and Caller
▪ Whisper only – one-way audio with Agent only

Call Queue Thresholds
▪ Max Expected Wait Time
▪ Max Queue Length
▪ Queue Ring Timeout
▪ Agent Ring Timeout

Call Center Stats-Home Page
▪ Callers Waiting
▪ Average Wait Time
▪ Average Handling Time


Portal Security
▪ Secure Passwords
▪ Forced Password Reset
▪ Password Set/Reset via email
▪ reCAPTCHA (v2 and Invisible)
▪ Masquerade
▪ User Welcome Emails

▪ Transport Layer Security (TLS)
▪ Dictionary Attack Prevention for Phone Provisioning Files (S.A.F.E)
▪ Dial Permissions
▪ User Limits
▪ Reject Log
▪ Alarms
▪ Authorization Codes
▪ Call Limits
▪ SRTP Audio Encryption

Phone Number Related

▪ Phone Number Inventory – Timed Enable/Disable, Localization, Enable Language on DID
▪ Time of Day Routing
▪ Route Manager
▪ Alternate Numbers
▪ Allowed Numbers
▪ Anonymous Call Rejection
▪ Blocked Numbers
▪ Calling Line ID Blocking
▪ Configurable Call ID
▪ Direct Inward Dialing
▪ Normalization of Numbers
▪ Privacy


Call Center Reports (can be received via email)
▪ Queue Statistics
▪ Agent Statistics
▪ Agent Availability
▪ DNIS Statistics

Call Center Stats-Home Page
▪ Callers Waiting
▪ Average Wait Time
▪ Average Handling Time
▪ Abandon Rate
▪ Calls Answered
▪ Call Volume

Analytics – create customized dashboards/wallboards
Domain Graphs & Statistics

Peak Active Calls
▪ By Hour
▪ By Day
▪ By Minute
▪ All Calls
▪ Offnet Only

Call Volume
▪ By Hour
▪ By Day
▪ All Calls
▪ Offnet Only

Total Minutes
▪ By hour
▪ By Day
▪ All Calls
▪ Offnet Only

Users and Applications (per Domain)
▪ # of Users
▪ # of Devices
▪ # of Auto-Attendants
▪ # of Call Queues
▪ # of Conferences
▪ # of Phone Numbers

Usage Stats
▪ Calls
▪ Current Month
▪ Previous Month

Account Codes
Call History
Recording and Recording Email Notification
Server Management
SIP Trace
Trend Analysis
CDR Export via portal

Unified Communications (UCaaS)

▪ WebRTC (Video Conference, Chat, SMS with PUSH support)
▪ Softphone
▪ Three-Way Calling
▪ Mobile Application
▪ HD Quality (Video Conference and Screenshare)

Cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Feature List is updated as of August 1, 2019.

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