How To Fax

When your business signs up for a fax account through Carolina Digital Phone, you will be assigned a number. Once the information is received and entered into our system, the number will be added to the appropriate user.

Getting Started Faxing!

Accessing the Manager Portal is done through this URL: https://portal.digitalphone.io/portal/home

You will use your login credentials to access the Manager Portal.

Your credentials will be your Login Name and password. Your Login Name will be your extension@yourdomain. As an example, if your extension is 100 and your domain is acmewidgetcompany.com, then your Login Name would be [email protected].

Your password will be whatever password you have created or has been assigned to you from your company. If you have forgotten or do not know your password or login name, you can click on the Forgot Login Name | Forgot Password links at the login screen (see photo).

login screen
Forgot Login Name/ Forgot Password

How To Fax

Step 1:

Once you are logged in to the Manager Portal, you will see your account page. From here, you will click on the Fax icon at the top of the page.

click on how to fax
Click on Fax Icon

Step 2:

Next, click on the Send Fax button to the right of the page.

click send fax - how to fax instruction
Select Button In Top Right Corner

Step 3:

Next, click the Browse button to find the document you wish to send.

Please note acceptable file types for faxing: .html, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .tif, .odt and .txt.

click on browse fax
Select Browse Button

Step 4a:

Enter the phone number to which you are sending.

attach items to fax
Enter Number You Wish To Send To

Step 4b:

Check the Add Cover Letter box, if you would like to include a cover letter. *(Please note this is optional. If you do click the Add Cover Letter box, you will be taken to a screen to fill in your information for the cover letter).

fill out fields
Adding Cover Letter

Step 5:

When you are ready to send, simply select the blue Send button.

send fax
Send With Blue Button When Ready!

How To Fax: Finishing Touches

That’s it! When your fax sends, you will get a notification of when and to which number the fax was sent/received.

review sent/received faxes
Review Sent/Received Faxes

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