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Hosted VoIP for Your Business – Cloud-based telephone service offers a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective communication solution for your business to improve efficiency and enhance customer experience.

"As a small business, we initially switched to Carolina Digital because we wanted to reduce expenses. With our former server, 30 minute wait times to a foreign call center was typical. Carolina answers promptly, solves our issues efficiently, and we have a personal contact with our own representative who stops in the shop when we need him. We are very pleased and highly recommend Carolina to other businesses."
"We are proud to be Carolina Digital customers! Their professionalism, speed, accuracy and willingness to help makes it easy to do business with them. These people go above and beyond any time we need their help. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!"
"I have had many phone services over my 30+ years in practice. This is by far the best service that I have ever had. The customer service is amazing. I can not recommend Carolina Digital enough!"
"Carolina Digital was so helpful to us when we had to transition to a virtual office. The service is great and the people are so helpful. The virtual phone system works better than what we were using in our office and they have a great online dashboard that is very easy to use. We are sticking with them even when we go back to a real office."
"The support of this company is amazing. One of my routers went down in my rack of equipment. The crew came back onsite and they worked with me after hours to get my equipment back online. Carolina Digital takes pride in what they do and also their customers ! I highly recommend this company. "

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Cloud Voice

Our all-in-one hosted phone system allows you to access your business line from anywhere you have internet access, while allowing you to gain all the features your business needs.

Mobile Application

Take your business line anywhere with our mobile app! Protect your personal information and stay available from any location thanks to this easy-to-use mobile platform.

Video Conferencing

Need to connect and collaborate even when you're miles apart? Our video conferencing tool makes that easier than ever! Have a video chat with the Carolina Digital Phone Team today!

Text Messaging

Text Now Messaging is a business text messaging service that allows businesses to send SMS reminders, alerts, confirmations, and marketing campaigns. Quickly and easily signup and start sending bulk messages.

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