our app extends your team's phone

Our App Extends Your Team’s Phone

Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device

Our business phone app is INCLUDED in all our phone plans for no additional fee. Available for both Android and Apple devices.

Business Phone App

Your cell phone can become your business phone when you are away from your desk! Make and receive calls from your business phone number (business identity).

business phone app messaging

Chat, SMS & MMS

Send and receive text messages to and from your business phone number. Connect and collaborate with colleagues or business connections. 

Listen and Read Voicemails

Listen and read voicemails through automatic text-to-voicemail transcriptions. 

business phone app voicemail
business phone app contacts

Team Status Updates

View your team members’ status icons to know if they’re available, busy or away.

Call History

View your business and cell phone’s call history.

bsuiness phone app
business phone app settings

Answering Rules

Stepping into an important meeting? Fitting in a work-out? Redirect phone calls to a co-worker at a click of a button!

Create and change call answering rules. Forward your phone when you leave. Ring your cell and your business line at the same time.  

business phone app contacts menu


Contacts are separated into organized lists for you. Co-workers, Business Contacts, Phone Contacts, Shared Business Contacts- all available to text or call.

work from anywhere

No more dropped calls &

99.99% Uptime

Our business phone app allows for seamless transfer of live calls from a Wi-Fi data connection to a cellular data connection. This allows you to make and receive calls even if the internet goes down or if there’s a local power outage.

business phone app menu


Your team can quickly set up and start using the app with a single login to connect with co-workers and customers. 

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