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Better Serve Your Clients With An Accounting Phone System

If you operate an accounting or bookkeeping firm and want more control over your communications, Carolina Digital Phone can help. With us, you get a local partner, dedicated to providing you with mobile communications that seamlessly integrate with your existing web infrastructure. When you choose Carolina Digital Phone for your accounting phone system, there’s no need to install expensive new landlines or rip up your old communication systems. We provide full integration through the cloud – and for less than you might expect.

Hosted VoIP telephone services can bring numerous benefits to accounting firms. Firstly, hosted VoIP services offer increased mobility and flexibility, allowing employees to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection, reducing the need for multiple phone lines and physical phones.

Another advantage is cost savings as hosted VoIP services do not require expensive hardware and maintenance costs. With the ability to add and remove lines easily, accounting firms can save on telecommunications expenses while still maintaining a professional image.

Additionally, hosted VoIP services offer advanced call routing and management capabilities, providing the ability to route calls to different locations and departments efficiently, and enhancing the customer experience. With features like call forwarding, call screening, and voicemail transcription, accounting firms can ensure that calls are handled effectively even when employees are unavailable.

Hosted VoIP services also provide robust call recording and monitoring options, which can be beneficial for quality control, training, and compliance purposes. With integration with other business tools and applications, hosted VoIP services can help accounting firms streamline their communication processes and improve their overall efficiency and productivity.

Overall, hosted VoIP services can provide accounting firms with a cost-effective, flexible, and efficient telecommunication solution, allowing them to better serve their clients and enhance their overall image.

A Local Cloud Communications Company For Accounting Companies

When it comes to choosing a cloud communications company for accounting professionals, going local is best. National providers do not offer the same level of support and don’t have people on the ground nearby who can help you install and set up your new systems. 

Carolina Digital Phone is different. Our team is on standby whenever you need them to assist with mobile telephony implementation and get you up and running as soon as possible. 

What’s more, as a specialist firm, we provide a bespoke service that caters directly to the cloud communication needs of accounting professionals. We work according to the traits of your firm, developing systems that are suitable for the demands of your enterprise. 

With Carolina Digital Phone, You Get More Than Just A Service, You Get Us!

Why Use Us For Your Accounting Phone System

Helpful Features

Carolina Digital Phone extends well beyond being able to make calls through your company portal from mobile and landlines. With us, you get a range of additional features for free, including call queues, auto-attendants, call monitoring, mobile app, conference calling, video integration, voicemail transcription, time of day routing, and fraud protection. 

Never again do you have to manually type out the content of a voicemail or pay extra for something as routine as call queues: Carolina Digital Phones gives you all that and more for one low, monthly price.

The days of substandard, risky landline telephones services are at an end. With Carolina Digital Phone, you can route all calls via the cloud and take them on a range of devices, including mobile. There’s no limit to the number of accounts you can have, and the system is robust to power failure, reducing downtime. 

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Affordable Pricing

Cloud communication services for accountants and bookkeepers from Carolina Digital Phone are far more affordable than you think. With us, you can install a full-feature cloud-based system for as little as $20/month per user, allowing you to phone with both mobile and landline. 

How is it so cost-effective? The main reason is the fact that we do not need to install any additional lines. Since you already have an internet connection, cloud-based services are naturally, using a small amount of your spare bandwidth. It never uses 100 percent of your capacity – we make sure of that. 

The result is a seamless communication service that is far more reliable than traditional landlines, which comes with a host of additional features you’ll love. 

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