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What Does it cost?Pricing hosted voice, messaging, and video collaboration services can be complex for several reasons, including usage, term commitment, and type of industry. This is not as easy as just quickly quoting a price that may not be the best value for your business or organization. We have Voice Engineers that specialize in determining what might be best for you. Give us just 10 minutes and we can better give you a competitive price for services that you will be happy with for a lifetime. 

Monthly Pricing is determined using many factors:

Number of Users

The numbers and types of users can vary. You might have 'Super Users', 'Occasional Users', or 'Call Center' users. All these user types have different requirements and have a different price per user based on the volume of calls they make or receive. The price per user can be as low as $6/month for a very Basic User with kimited calls per month, and can be as much as $32/month for more Advanced users that might work as a Call Center Agents and need Call Center Analytics and Advanced features.

Mobile Users

With the advent of cellular technology and very robust data plans, we offer mobile users the ability to carry their phone extensions with them in their pocket. This allows your users the ability to make calls from their extension and use the outbound caller telephone number your main business number.

Mobile users have two options. They can download our Apple or Android app or users with difficulty having good data plans in a remote area might find a second line on their Smartphone with our new eSIM a better option.

Number of Telephone Numbers

Each Telephone number has an associated cost. Local Telephone numbers are best but when you need a toll-free number you can expect to pay a per-minute cost for inbound calling.


Does your business need to send messages from your Main telephone number? If so, we offer the ability to easily send text messages from your Main Telephone Number. We also offer Bulk Text Messaging and group messaging for mission-critical announcements.

Number of Locations

You might have one location or many. Each location will require an E-911 location for emergency response by the local police or fire departments. In addition to traditional E-911, we van easily advise your staff that someone chas called E-911 by email, message or ither announcement that someone is in distress and needs assistance.

Advanced Features

If you need advanced calling features like specialized call routing, time of day routing, off-premise call forwarding, call queues, call back options, and many of the other 150 features they may all be included for free. But if you have a special integration option to your CRM it might require some additional work on our side to make our voice platform work with your business. These are questions your pre-sales voice engineer will ask.

Paging System Support

Our voice platform is compatible with many of the popular paging and announcement systems. This is a popular feature for schools and manufacturing facilities. If you need paging integration we can most easily allow paging to your broadcast system from your telephone.


Every business no matter how small or large has need for help. You may be a very small company that outsources your IT support to another company and other larger companies have in-house IT staff. Depending on how much help you need to install and support your users will also determine our pricing.

Term Commitment

Obviously, we want you to be our customer forever. We earn your business every day. With tat being said if you will make a commitment to us for 1, 3, or 5 years Term Agreement for Services will discount your monthlky pricing based on this commitment.

Nonprofit Discounts

If your organization is involved in helping the community we offer special discounts for you. We are committed to also giving back to the community and want your non-profit to get the benefits and advanced technology a big company might have access to but you might not because of the high cost. Ask us about our "Giving Back To The Community"


Usage plays a significant role in determining the pricing of telephone services. Different customers have different usage patterns, and pricing needs to be flexible enough to accommodate these varying patterns. For instance, customers who make a lot of international calls may require a different pricing structure compared to those who make primarily local calls.  

Term commitment can also affect the pricing of voice services. Service providers may offer different pricing plans based on the length of commitment the customer is willing to make. For example, customers who sign up for longer-term contracts may be offered lower rates than those who choose month-to-month plans.  

The type of industry can also influence the pricing of voice services. For example, the pricing for telephone services for small business customers may be different from that of a government agency or school system. Business customers may require additional features such as call routing and conferencing, which may not be necessary for small business customers.  

At Carolina Digital Phone we may times do special pricing to fit your business needs. It is best to talk to a pre-sales voice engineer to better understand your needs.  

Additional Features can be found HERE

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