Randy Williams, Support Manager for Carolina Digital Phone

Randy Williams​

Customer Service Manager

Please share a little bit about yourself with our customers:
I currently live within a 10-mile radius of where I have lived my entire life: the Greensboro/Summerfield, NC area. I have worked in the telecommunications/VoIP field for most of my career. I enjoy seeing how it all comes together when we place a phone on a desk and our customer can make and receive calls for the first time — it’s MAGIC! I have been married my wonderful wife Delane for nearly 40 years, and we have two fantastic sons, Jordan and Jeremy. Our entire family loves to serve at our church. Jeremy is a drummer in the praise band, Jordan is a greeter, and my wife and I serve in the Children’s Ministry.

What do you love most about your job?
What I love most is playing a key role providing top notch customer service to our customers. I also enjoy interacting with our customers and learning about some aspects of their life outside of work. Some of our customers have very interesting hobbies!

What do you feel separates Carolina Digital Phone from other companies?
There are many things that separate us from other companies, but I would say the biggest is that our customers can actually get in touch with us when they need to! We have a 611 number that directly connects to our Customer Care team, which is located right here in Greensboro, NC. We provide the best local service and understand our customers’ unique business in order to provide guidance, advice and support that keeps them strong and successful.

Do you have a customer success story that you would like to share?
Here is one of my all-time favorite customer success stories: Nicky, our CEO and owner, received a call late one afternoon from a local business that was completely down with their current service provider. What did we do about that? We were at their location the next morning before they opened, plugging in phones so that they could operate their business that day. This is the type of above and beyond customer service we strive to provide all of our customers!

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