Android 3.2 Release Notes – February 22, 2022

Release Notes

Improvement – The ringtone player volume is now identical to the volume the user specifies for the system ringtone audio stream.
Improvement – Android will refresh api tokens in the background.
Improvement – Android now performs input validation, and only allows digits, OR a ‘+’ character followed by digits.
Improvement – Added local notifications (only appears while in app) for new voicemails.
Improvement – Sending logs to engineering team has been corrected to corrected branded name information.
Bug – Android no longer displays a missed call notification when a call queue call is answered by another agent.
Bug – Android will defer to the Android OS default audio routing behavior with respect to audio switching.
Bug – Fixed the issue where the call only rings once after being idle for awhile by tweaking the logic SMA uses to determine if a call is invalid.
Bug – Voicemail User Interface is now corrected so that the voicemail title will not overlap the timestamp.
Bug – SMA now appropriately handles calling with BT peripherals, including support for media button events.
Bug – Voicemails are now displayed properly regardless of whether or not they have a name and/or a number associated with them.
Bug – Calls can now be transferred without issue under all conditions.
Bug – Android now uses the same approach as the incoming and active call screens for audio routing, and properly routes audio to speakerphone when the speaker icon is pressed.