CEOs & Business Owners: How to Save $28,104 (or More) Each Year

Business Owners need to understand the real cost of unified communications

In today’s relentlessly competitive, fast-moving, and highly uncertain business landscape, the need for CEOs and business owners to find efficiencies and “get more for less” is not just a strategic priority. It is a fundamental necessity.

Yet despite this urgent requirement, a surprising number of CEOs and business owners — through no personal fault or failing of their own — are wasting tens of thousands of dollars a year. How? By having their IT Director perform double-duty as their “telephone services guru”.

Sound far-fetched? Let’s do the math:

According to, the average total salary for an IT Director in Greensboro, NC is $117,000 per year. Note that we are using Greensboro because that is where Carolina Digital Phone is headquartered. However, we could easily use any other city in NC, SC, VA, or elsewhere, and the figure would be similar. Also note that to make this example as realistic as possible, we are using the average total salary. With bonuses and benefits, many IT Directors earn significantly more than $117,000 per year.

The next part of the equation is simple: finding the hourly wage. If we use the $117,000 per year figure and say that there are 2,000 hours of work a year, this means IT Directors earn an average of $58.55 per year.

Now, let’s estimate how many hours IT Directors spend on a variety of telephone system tasks. Based on feedback that we have received over the years, that about 10 hours per week — or 40 hours per month — is realistic. In fact, it may be on the lower end of the spectrum, but we want to make this example as realistic as possible so we’ll aim low.

Finally, let’s crunch all of the numbers: $58.55 (hourly rate) x 40 hours per month x 12 months in a year = $28,104.

Keep in mind that this is a low-end estimate for just one IT Director. In larger organizations, it is often necessary to have multiple IT professionals taking care of ongoing telephone system tasks. Naturally, in these cases cost — or make that waste — surges, and can easily exceed 5-figures a year.

And to “add insult to injury,” most IT Directors (and other IT professionals) dislike providing telephone services support. This is perfectly understandable. IT people want to do what they do best: manage the internet, firewall, routers, switches, networks, computers, laptops, apps, and so on. They do NOT want to reset telephone system passwords, troubleshoot telephone system issues (which may have nothing to do with the service itself and everything to do with end-users), and deal with ongoing requests for moves, adds, and changes (MACs).

Our practical advice to you: don’t waste tens of thousands of dollars a year forcing your IT to handle the administrative and technical burden of monitoring and managing your telephone system!

Instead, partner with Carolina Digital Phone, and our in-house and experienced specialists will take care of everything — from training and orienting end users, to handling service issues, MACs, upgrades, updates, and more. And best of all, our world-class LOCAL service doesn’t cost you a cent. It’s included in our affordable and predictable fee.

The bottom line? By partnering with Carolina Digital Phone, you will measurably get much more for far less — which is exactly what you need to compete and grow.

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