Through the power of simple, intuitive dashboards, Call Center Analytics lets agents and supervisors stay on track and best of all it is already included in or service!

Call Center Analytics is a live reporting tool that empowers contact center operators to boost performance and customer satisfaction through actionable analytics and persona-driven customization. With customizable dashboards and separate views for supervisors and agents, Call Center Analytics offers real-time granular insights into a call center’s daily operations.

Across the spectrum of key metrics that govern a contact center’s operations, Call Center Analytics lets its users search, filter and customize the data they care about most at a glance, allowing them to identify trends and adjust accordingly. With the ability to save customized views and set up real-time alerts, managers will be able to see the data they need when they need it – that way they can address issues before they turn into larger problems that affect customer satisfaction and revenue.

User driven persona driven customizations

Critique the past and plan for the future

Real-time insights

Customizable Contact Center Dashboard Options

Gain a comprehensive overview of your contact center activity with real-time dashboards and live data.

Visual and audible alerts when configurable thresholds are hit.

Boost contact center performance with actionable analytics that ensures consistent customer engagement.

Effectively managing your contact center performance begins with easy and timely access to relevant information.

Give your supervisors the tools they need to pinpoint and troubleshoot problem areas quickly with our contact center dashboard.

Protect your existing investment with
seamless 3rd party web resource integration.

Go in-depth
Driving Call Center Performance

Illuminate your way forward with data. Today’s call centers are busier and more complex than ever. With a need to handle high volumes of daily calls and satisfy a long list of key performance metrics, call center supervisors and agents need easy access to pertinent information in order to improve efficiency and address operational issues before they negatively impact revenue. Simplified access to real-time analytics and data customization are crucial to the success of a call center’s operations. In this report, we examine how call center managers can leverage data to the benefit of their business.

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