Debunking *7 Myths about Cloud Business Phone Systems

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*7 Myths About Cloud-Based Phones That Just Aren’t True

*We originally published this article in early 2018 as “Debunking 4 Myths about Cloud Business Phone Systems” but decided to add a few more myths to put to rest.

Are you a small to medium business owner tired of slogging through the myths and misinformation surrounding cloud-based digital phone services? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll debunk 7 common misconceptions about cloud-based digital phone service and show you why it’s the right solution for your business.

Myth 1: Cloud phone systems are unreliable and prone to outages.

Actually, cloud phone systems are just as reliable as traditional on-premise PBX systems. Plus, cloud providers have multiple backups and redundancies in place to ensure service continuity in the event of an outage. Geo-redundant servers, automatic software updates, and quality guarantees are just a few of the ways cloud phone providers maintain reliable service.

Other precautions, like secure data encryption and strict compliance with industry standards, ensure that cloud phone systems are just as safe as traditional options. In fact, many companies choose to switch to the cloud for added security measures and the ability to remotely manage their communication systems.

Myth 2: Internet calls aren’t as good as traditional phone calls.

When VoIP first began, call quality was sometimes unreliable. But, the technology is no longer new, and network connectivity has improved greatly. The audio quality is exceptional, with no more dropouts, tinny voices, echoes, or delays. Your call quality will greatly improve with a better internet connection.

QoS, or Quality of Service, is a feature offered by many VoIP providers to prioritize voice traffic over data. This ensures clear and uninterrupted calls. Internet calls can actually be better than traditional phone calls because they rely on high-speed, reliable internet connections.

Myth 3: Cloud phone systems lack features and functionality.

The opposite is true. Cloud phone systems offer a wide range of features, including call forwarding, conference calling, and voicemail transcription. These systems also have the capability to integrate with other software, such as CRM platforms, for increased efficiency and productivity.

Digital phone systems are not limited to just voice calls. Many providers offer a variety of features, such as conference calling, voicemail transcription, and even integration with popular business software programs like Salesforce and Slack.

Myth 4: Since it runs over the internet, it can’t be safe, right?

It’s not as unsafe as you might think. In fact, it can be quite secure – just like your internal network. By utilizing items such as firewalls, encryption, authentication, and employee training, you can rest assured that your calls and data are well-protected. Some might say even more than with the PSTN (public switched telephone network).

Network security best practices should always be followed, but digital phone service doesn’t inherently make you more susceptible to hackers or security breaches. In fact, many providers use encryption technology to protect their customers’ information.

Myth 5: Moving to a cloud phone system requires a complicated and expensive transition process.

The transition to a cloud phone system can actually be seamless and cost-effective. Painless and affordable migration plans make it easy to switch providers with hardly any hiccups in your business.

The process of moving to a digital phone system does not mean losing all of your current phone numbers. In fact, many providers offer number porting, allowing you to keep the same numbers for all of your business lines.

The time involved in setting up a digital phone system is often much quicker than traditional landline systems. Many providers offer instant activation, allowing you to start using the service immediately.

Myth 6: It’s not for me. It’s only for big business

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Digital phone service is for anyone and everyone, not just big businesses. In fact, small businesses can benefit greatly from digital phone features such as call forwarding, conference calling, and voicemail transcription. The VoIP industry for small businesses is growing by leaps and bounds.

The digital phone system is easy to use because it is flexible, agile, and scalable. This means that there is a perfect digital phone system for every sized business – from micro-businesses with only one digital line to full collaboration systems for businesses employing hundreds of people.

You can begin using the system on a small scale and expand as your business grows. The advanced features will also make for a better experience for your customers.

Myth 7: If it’s this good, it must be expensive.

Many people believe that because digital phone services offer high-quality service and features, they must come with a hefty price tag. However, this simply isn’t true. In fact, many digital phone service providers offer competitive rates and even have options for pay-as-you-go plans. So don’t let the misconception of cost deter you from trying out digital phone service.

You’re only paying for the service, not installation, operation, or maintenance costs like you would with a hardware system. With a cloud-based system, you’re able to allocate features to individual people as needed so that you never pay for more than what’s being used. Plus, digital phone services often offer bundle deals that include multiple features at a discounted price.

What Are You Waiting for?

Overall, digital phone service is a cost-effective, feature-rich option for any business. Don’t let outdated myths prevent you from modernizing your communications system and improving the experience for both employees and customers. So what are you waiting for? Call us to learn how easy it is to make the switch to digital phone service today.

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