It happens occasionally that your business or school might be under staffed and someone might have to put a call on hold, wait or get parked and not gotten to the call as quickly as you would like. During this time, don’t put them to sleep, you have a captive audience that you can provide music and messages about your company. At Carolina Digital Phone we will work with a voice and music specialist to help you make this experience a better experience for your customers.

On average, 70% of business callers are placed on hold.  When left in silence, 60% of them will hang up after one minute, and a third will never call back. What keeps callers on the line? The right on hold music or auto attendant voice with options. With our Call Queue and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and a custom produced music and message on hold your customers will have the opportunity to learn about specials you might be offering and hear more about your company and services you offer.

At Carolina Digital Phone it is very rare that you ever have to hold for more than a few seconds. In the case you do you will hear this combination of music and audio sound clip. Click this play button to listen to our music and audio message when in our call queue on hold done by Mary Goulet:

Carolina Digital Phone Music On Hold and Audio Messages during Call Queue

Darryl’s Wood Fired Grill establishment since 1971, Darryl’s has been the Triad’s premier steak and rib house for over 25 years. With its unique wood fired grill flavor and a full made from scratch menu, there’s something to please everyone’s taste buds. They have trusted Carolina Digital Phone for their hosted telephone services and their auto-attendant that can he heard at the link below. Listen to their very professionally recorded auto attendant done by Mary Goulet.

Darryl’s Wood Fired Grill Auto attendant and Call Queue greeting

The warm and friendly staff at Jade Aveda Life Styles in Friendly Shopping Center in Greensboro want their clients to have a pampered experience jade-avedaboth when in the salon or on the telephone with their staff. They make regular changes to their music on hold and during the music on hold has the opportunity to promote their products and services. Below you can listen to another example of beautiful music and message on hold produced by one of our customers Jade Aveda Life Style in Friendly Shopping Center in Greensboro.

Jade Aveda Life Style Music and Message on Hold at Friendly Shopping Center Greensboro NC

ClarendonSchoolDistrict1School systems need good instructions on how to get to your student’s school fast without having to spend valuable time asking someone who to talk to or being on hold during the busy mornings when your student just missed the bus. At Clarendon School District 1 in South Carolina they have implemented an overflow auto attendant for every school so that a parent can quickly get to the person they want to talk to. Listen below to their professionally recorded auto attendant.

Clarendon School District 1 auto attendant in South Carolina

lance_woodley_scSC Homes and Land Realty offers the highest level of real estate service by a team of trained professionals. Lance Woodley produced a 30 second radio commercial and does not expect people who call him to hold for 30 seconds, but if they do they hear his commercial.

Lance Woodley – SC Homes and Land Realty – 30 seconds

spectrahome_logoThe mission of Spectra Home is to provide great quality leather and fabric upholstery at attractive pricing which provides the end user with years of comfort and new appearance retention.  Instead of taking things out of furniture, we are putting them back in. Spectra Home is a manufacturer of quality home furnishing with east and west coast distribution. Their customer service center in High Point, North Carolina services the entire world and their auto attendant allows calls to flow quickly to the right person or department. Listen to their very professionally recorded auto attendant done by Mary Goulet.

Spectra Home Furnishing High Point North Carolina Call Center support the US and Canada

If your are just looking for some soft music to play when your customers are on hold we have hundreds of royalty free music for you to choose from. Listen to some of the music clips below.

Soft piano and instrumental background music on hold

Easy listening acoustic guitar instrumental background music on hold

Modern Latin Funk instrumental background music on hold

It’s important to understand that uploading just any music can be a violation of copyright laws. If you’re shopping collections of .mp3 hold music, royalty-free music and stock music, remember that “royalty-free” may not cover performance licenses with ASCAP, SESAC and BMI, for which you are responsible when playing music on hold.  As the user of a hosted computer based telephone service you may have the ability to upload music, but please make sure you have purchased the rights to use the music from the  composers or artists that produced the music.

You can also visit AudioJungle.net where you will find 289,557 Royalty Free Audio files as low as $1.

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