Voice Mail to Email

One of the great features provided by VoIP for small businesses is voicemail sent to e-mail. Voicemail to e-mail offers even more flexibility as voicemails can be checked anywhere the user can open their e-mail inbox. Voicemails are typically sent to e-mail in the form of an .wav file, which can easily be opened on any computer or smart phone. This allows the user to check voicemails multiple times a day from a variety of sources.

Another feature that we is voicemail transcription. With voicemail transcription the user can receive their voicemail in the form of text directly in their e-mail. This feature is great for users who are unable to listen to a voicemail, but need to check it in case it is important. Voicemail transcription ensures that users will never miss an important voicemail. With voicemail to e-mail and voicemail transcription there are no extra hardware or network requirements and will require no maintenance.

Voicemail to e-mail is a great feature for small business owners with busy and mobile schedules. These voicemail features provide VoIP with another method to make phone systems even more flexible for small businesses in Greensboro. With a traditional phone system, users will have no voicemail to e-mail integration. Because VoIP is entirely based over an internet connection, voicemail to e-mail integration is seamless.

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