Carolina Digital Phone's cloud system features these business-critical telephone services:

1 Easy to set up and use. – Your internet control panel with Carolina Digital Phone hosted cloud telephone system is designed for simplicity. Set up call forwarding numbers, add new users and phones, and pull reports all from one intuitive web console. You won’t need an IT professional to make routine changes to your hosted cloud business solution.

2 Cut your monthly phone bills – Placing calls using our hosted cloud telephone system allows us to offer you exceptionally low monthly rates for unlimited calling in the US & Canada. Combined with affordable international rates, Carolina Digital Phone hosted cloud service can help you slash costs for your business phone service.

3 Grows with your business – As a hosted cloud solution, Carolina Digital Phone hosted cloud service can be quickly scaled up to match your changing business needs. With no centralized hardware, you can add new phones, features, and even locations to your cloud solution without having to make a significant investment on new equipment.

4 Data and phones on one line –Both telephone and data traffic travel on one line so you save the cost of adding additional lines. Add a Power over Ethernet (POE) switch and save more by not having extra power blocks on the floor for each phone. When you use a POE switch remember to use a battery backup to ensure your phone stays up when the power goes out.

5 Reliable service from an established provider – Your Carolina Digital Phone hosted cloud system is backed by multiple server redundancy with automatic failover. Since the equipment hosting your phone service is stored remotely in a state-of-the-art co-location facility, your call data, settings, and continued phone service is protected against natural disasters and local power grid failures.

6 Stay connected, wherever you go – With Carolina Digital Phone’s FollowMe Call Forwarding feature, calls can be routed to any phone, of any type, anywhere in the world. Employees can seamlessly receive business calls whether they are working in the office, at home or on the road. Need to work from home for a week? Take your phone with you and never miss an important call.

7 Automatically-updated, cutting edge feature set – Carolina Digital Phone hosted cloud phone service comes fully-equipped with an enterprise-grade feature set that is constantly being upgraded and improved. You get access to features such as a professional automated attendant, automatic call distribution (ACD), call queuing, hold music, multiple voicemail boxes, internet faxing, a web-based control panel, and much more.

8 Increase efficiency and productivity – With the call record feature, you can monitor the quality of all calls and train employees with them. By monitoring the call volume employees handle, you can make better staffing and scheduling decisions. Our insurance clients use this feature to record an order for adding insurance coverage; restaurants use it to verify what was ordered to get every order right.

9 No IT professionals necessary – Telecommunications is a large branch of technology with its own equipment and challenges. With Carolina Digital Phone, the service provider handles complex system management. You save on both headcount and headaches. If an IT professional is needed we can recommend a qualified IT support company in your area. Sometimes having a person at your office diagnosing a cabling problem can provide the extra eyes to uncover even the simplest of problems.

10 Encourage telecommuting and cut office costs – A hosted cloud telephone system from Carolina Digital Phone allows you to “virtualize” some or all of your call center employees by giving you visibility over their call activity at remote locations. These employees link phones at their location with the hosted cloud phone system over the internet, and you see when they are logged in, when they are on a call, and can even record their conversations for review.

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