No Longer Tied to a Desk

Crystal Wright is the Office Manager at LDR & Co. Building Technologies which is actually multiple companies. One business, AirCon Carolina, is a leading design and build mechanical engineer firm. They specialize in biotech and pharmaceutical facilities, cleanroom technologies, and mission-critical sites. LDR Technologies is a licensed full-service mechanical contractor that specializes in providing industrial, commercial, and institutional service and unit replacement in North Carolina. While they provide HVAC installation and service, they are more specialized to work with hospitals and labs.

Prior to coming to LDR & Co., Crystal worked at a construction company and said “We need to try these people,” when the topic of a new business phone system came up. Because they were not always in the office, she enjoyed the flexibility to either take her desk phone with her or forward calls to another phone.

Medical providers often use HVAC to run equipment for operating rooms or laboratories such as MRI and CT Scan equipment. Because LDR & Co. needs to be on-call 24 hours a day, they need a flexible workspace with access to their business telephones from anywhere at any time. Crystal likes the Carolina Digital Phone softphone app because she can always be connected to her business.

Another major advantage to using cloud-based telephones comes into play on those occasions when the business may lose internet or power. In the case of no power or internet, calls will still ring through to the smartphone app. Because they work with medical providers, they have to be available without having to scramble to find a solution. “I’m not one to just sit here,” says Crystal, who is always on the go. “It makes it easier for me to not have to be tied to my desk.”

Why LDR & Co. Chose Carolina Digital Phone

LDR & Co. Building Technologies

What does Crystal like most about working with Carolina Digital Phone? “The customer service is great! Anytime I’ve had a problem or question, I call and you guys fix it!”

Discover how our all-in-one cloud phone system with a built-in channel-based messaging platform, and our next-generation video conferencing solution, help your organization reap the rewards of a flexible workplace. Contact Carolina Digital Phone today at (336) 544-4000 or click the chat icon at the bottom of your screen.

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