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Meet Joan Wilkerson

My name is Joan Wilkerson and I am Vice President of Sales at Carolina Digital Phone. I was blessed to grow up with a loving family in North Carolina and began my journey with Carolina Digital Phone in 2017.

My mother once said to me, “Find a job that you love so much, that if you could afford to; you would do it for free, and then you will be happy doing it every day, and it will never feel like work.”

Carolina Digital Phone has given me just that. I believe in what we offer and enjoy traveling across North Carolina to help our customers and improve their business communications.

The Carolina Digital Phone Difference

As your Account Executive, I make your customer satisfaction my #1 priority. It can take multiple meetings and many conversations with a potential customer to earn their business, but mere seconds to lose it. I strive to earn your business, but most importantly; to keep it! 


Joan Wilkerson travels across eastern North Carolina helping business owners like you improve your image, your technology, and your ability to communicate with your team and customers. With over 15 years of experience in diverse sales environments and nearly a decade of experience in education, she has developed a superior work ethic and obtained a unique understanding of both the private and public sectors. Through her consultative sales approach, she partners with every type of business to provide services that ensure the highest levels of success in their organization. Give her 10 minutes of your time for her to discover what you are doing now and make some recommendations to help you go further.

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