Protecting Yourself From Cyber Attacks

We care about your network and your security

Carolina Digital Phone partners with technology leaders in the industry to learn how not to get fooled by cybercriminals with cyber attacks and ransomware. Please watch this short video and discover if you are following good standards to protect yourself.

Total Computer Solutions

Barry Utesh, a 30-year owner of Total Computer Solutions in Greensboro, NC in a recent presentation spoke to a group of Rotary members and this short presentation was eye-opening for even the most veteran computer wizards.

He gives tips on password security, signs of email phishing attacks, fake news and hoax scams, social media warnings. Additionally, he discusses how to not be the next victim of a cybercrime and more importantly what to do if you are. 

Our Commitment to Keeping you Secure

Being part of the technology industry for more than 40 years our founders have seen everything you can imagine. Unwanted email, corrupt hard disk drives, faulty software, bugs, and more. We are always looking for the best solutions to solve your technology and cyber attacks concerns. For the past 20 years, we have focused our efforts on being the very best at UCaaS (United Communications as a Service) and feel confident that if you give us 10 minutes of your time we will show you how our cloud-based voice, messaging and vice collaboration services are the best for your business and growing into remote working while always having instant access to your team no matter where they might be working today.

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