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Cloud-based Telephone Services for Businesses

Affordable, Easy, No Contract Phone System For Small-Medium Businesses. Low Cost and Low Overhead. Increase Employee Productivity and Boost Customer Satisfaction. Get a Free Quote.

Our national footprint, geo-redundant cloud-based service makes managing your business easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective. We replace your bulky, expensive and outdated on-premise phone equipment with an advanced, scalable and feature-rich cloud-based PBX that seamlessly connects your team — whether they are located in the same office or in remote locations. We also enhance your customer communications with solutions like customized auto-attendants, call queues, call groups and more. Plus, we integrate all of your desk phones and smartphones on the system, and give you the power to easily manage everything through your web browser or mobile app.

Mobility is key
Why restrict your employees to a single location or desk? Our solution enables your employees to stay connected and remain productive anytime, anywhere. You can also dramatically reduce office infrastructure and phone system costs by letting employees work from home or in remote locations — and your satisfied customers won’t experience any downgrade.
Visibility is power
With our solution you can easily keep an eye on your business at all times. For example, you can monitor incoming calls to ensure they’re being handled properly, and monitor employee performance in real-time to maximize sales opportunities and maintain high customer support standards.
Better coverage
Why sit by the phone when your team can be out closing deals? With our solution you can easily route calls based on business opportunities or employee hours, or configure a ring group with remote employees and forward unanswered calls to cell phones. You’ll never skip a beat — or miss a golden opportunity!
Our solution is built on a cloud-based architecture for running mission-critical systems and applications. You can count on the highest level of innovation, reliability, quality, security and scalability, along with multiple back-up systems that ensure business continuity even the event of a local power outage.

Hosted VoIP Telephone service offers:

  • Keep your local number
  • Get Local Numbers Nationwide
  • Voicemail to text transcription
  • Nationwide Geo-Redundancy Data Centers
  • Unlimited calling in the US and Canada
  • Call Park/Pickup and Hold Options
  • Customizable Calling Features
  • Auto Attendant for every User
  • Live Call Forwarding and Transfer
  • Advanced Voicemail to email
  • Call Queue and Automatic Call Distribution
  • Local US based Customer Service
  • SmartPhone client available for free



Hosted Telephone services for unlimited usage, advanced user is $20/per month* with all the features a Fortune 500 company would have.
Cloud based hosted VoIP phone system for your small business that’s affordably priced as low as $10/per user* with limited calling features.
Transform how you communicate with Business VoIP, and simplify your communications platform and prepare your business for the future. Voice over IP (VoIP) integrates voice services and data into a single network that expands the possibilities for communication while creating a path for growth. VoIP offers traditional voice services to keep your business communicating, plus access to advanced applications that help your staff to be more productive and drive cost savings.

Business VoIP services from DigitalPhone.io integrates emerging technologies such as cloud computing and unified communications, giving you cost efficiency, enhanced collaboration and scalability.

You can easily reach your employees anywhere with our fully hosted, network-based VoIP service that combines a full range of advanced features, applications and management tools over your existing internet connection — which helps reduce your infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Our VoIP solution for small businesses and satellite locations provides the benefits of advanced voice and data technology without the management complexity and high cost, and enables voice and data services to work over a single network connection and device.

* Per user Pricing is based on number of numbers and term commitment. Minimum user seats required for this pricing. Contact us for a personalized price quote that meets your business needs and budget.

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