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people working on their workplace communication
Achieving Success
Nicky Smith

Workplace Communication: 5 Best Practices that Lead to Dramatic Improvements

Saying that effective workplace communication is important is like saying water is wet, fire is hot, or that people with small children will repeatedly, and painfully, step on Legos many, many times. These are all blatantly self-evident (especially the Lego one).  However, just because everyone knows that effective workplace communication is important, does NOT mean that it’s happening everywhere. Consider these statistics: 28% of employees cite ineffective communication as the number one reason why they cannot deliver work on time. 86% of employees and executives believe that ineffective communication is the core reason for workplace failures. Ineffective communication costs large

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french west vaughan
Neil Matson

It’s the Personal Touch that Makes a Difference

When French West Vaughan in Raleigh, NC – the nation’s 15th largest independently-held public relations and integrated marketing agency –  needed to replace their 20-year old phone system they started doing some research. They had an outdated Nortel system that FWV’s Executive Assistant Sharon Kemp says just needed to go. Not only was it getting increasingly difficult to get replacement parts, but the cost was also outrageous. But what sold FWV on Carolina Digital Phone wasn’t just the hundreds of included features that make our phone systems extremely flexible or the money they saved moving their phones to the cloud.

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man doing hybrid work
Remote Work Solutions
Nicky Smith

3 Essential Rules to Get Hybrid Work Right

Across the country, organizations from small businesses to large enterprises are experiencing hybrid work for the first time. And just like experiments in a laboratory, sometimes the results are amazing. Other times they are disappointing (and occasionally, they are flat-out disasters). The first thing we should note is that hybrid work — which is when workers spend part of the week in their home office, and part of the week in the corporate office — is here to stay. Now that workers have shown that it is not just viable but a positive change for many, a survey has found

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