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Nicky Smith

Navigating Uncertainty: What Avaya’s Second Bankruptcy Means for Customers

Avaya, a leading provider of business communication solutions, has recently emerged from its second bankruptcy filing in just six years. The company, known for its strong presence in the on-premises contact center and PBX markets, has announced a renewed focus on customer experience (CX) as it navigates the challenges posed by its financial restructuring. For Avaya’s extensive customer base, this development raises important questions about the future of their investments, the continuity of support and services, and the potential impact on their long-term communication strategies. As businesses increasingly rely on robust and reliable communication technologies, understanding the implications of Avaya’s

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Foreign ownership in tech
Nicky Smith

The Campaign Registry Under Scrutiny: Will It Face the Same Fate as TikTok?

The Chinese-owned video app TikTok has faced intense scrutiny in the United States, with concerns ranging from data privacy to national security. As the U.S. government pushes for a ban or forced sale of the app, another foreign-owned entity, The Campaign Registry (TCR), has begun to attract attention. TCR, a database for tracking digital political ads, has some similarities to TikTok in terms of foreign ownership and data access concerns. However, the lack of public information about TCR makes it difficult to predict if it will face the same level of scrutiny as TikTok.  TikTok’s Challenges  TikTok, owned by the

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Military VoIP Solutions
Neil Matson

Secure Communication on the Move – VoIP Phone Solutions for the Military

Reliable and secure communication is a crucial element in military operations, as it enables the coordination of personnel, resources, and intelligence across diverse environments and vast distances. With the rise of technology, the military faces unprecedented challenges in ensuring that communication channels are both reliable and secure, as they need to keep up with the demands of modern warfare. Consequently, military organizations are increasingly adopting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone solutions to meet their communication needs.  VoIP offers a flexible, cost-effective, and scalable alternative to traditional communication systems, allowing for the integration of voice, video, and data services over

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