Cloud-based Phones for legacy Windstream Customers

Windstream announced in February 2016 that they were letting some customers go since they’re eliminating most of their under $1,500/month accounts. Instead, they’re seeking to incorporate more enterprise-sized accounts; leaving small and medium business owners behind. Windstream and other national providers are shifting their focus to the enterprise side of the business by establishing a monthly recurring threshold for customers to qualify for their services. If you’re in a position where you don’t qualify for their services, even if you are an existing or a new service requestor, Carolina Digital wants to help you move your telephone services to the cloud.


Traditional phone systems hold businesses back more than you might think. Joining the cloud today could spell organizational success tomorrow. Carolina Digital offers Internet-based hosted phone systems for small-medium businesses nationwide.


Affordable Pricing: Carolina Digital will lower your previous Windstream monthly cost when you switch to Carolina Digital. Our plans include Internet-based phones which will be in effect for the life of your service with us, and includes incredibly cost-effective rates and plans for every user including your “Power Users” that need remote access via a Smartphone.


Flexible Phones and Configuration: Keep your existing telephone numbers and extension configuration, and easily add or remove services as needed. Carolina Digital’s telephone service is flexible and we’ll prepare a solution to fit your needs.


U.S. Based Support: If you want to get up and running with Carolina Digital service fast, our U.S. based support team and Project Managers have got you covered!


Softphone Integration: Our development team has ready for you to use a Apple iPhone or Android application that works seamlessly on your Smartphone and gives you all the features your desktop phone has including Visual voicemail, call handling and hundreds of other features never available from Windstream.


All-Inclusive Features: Thanks to feedback from our existing customer base we’ve launched an all-inclusive feature-rich set, eliminating a-la-carte pricing and making it even easier for Windstream users to get started with Carolina Digital. Features that you used to pay for are now included in our low monthly price.


The Carolina Digital with more than 15 years of experience has the goal of providing the same high-performing platform that makes our small, medium and enterprise customers so successful in a friendly cloud-based phone system solution. Bottom line? Helping Windstream Customers to continue having Fortune 500 phone system features is core to our DNA, and we’re always going to have your back.


Knowledge and Know-How: Whether you’re new to cloud-based phone systems or have had one for years, we’re here for you. We’ve available by phone and got fully searchable documentation, a knowledge base and the best support and deliverability team on the planet.


Lowest cost Cloud-based Telephone Services:

If you are looking for great prices on a top of the line VOIP phone system (voice over internet protocol) then you’ve come to the right place.  Whether you need a cloud-based system that can accommodate 15 employees or one that can handle 15,000 employees, DigitalPhone.io can help. Watch a Short Video to learn about Cloud-based Telephone Services

Maybe it time to look at your local Windstream telephone bill. You could be saving as much as 50% a month on telephone services and get a feature rich cloud based telephone service. Switching is hassle free and can be done in just a few days. We have set up a special hotline to call us at and make the switch. Call (336) 621-2000 and press option 1 for a fast pass to one of our sales engineers that will walk you through the process and give you a professional quote and our 100% money back guarantee.


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