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Cha-Ching! That’s the Sound of Savings

Cloud-based phone systems are a money-saving option to conventional phone lines.

Because you will use your internet connection to provide telephone service, you can eliminate the need for a stand-alone business telephone system.

Size Doesn’t Matter

If you’re just starting your business with only a few employees or running a multi-location business, the scalability of Carolina Digital Phone allows you to customize your service to fit your needs. The cloud allows you to grow your phone system based on your business needs. You can add phone lines and extensions without adding copper wires and costly installation.

Hit the Road Jack!

Because a cloud-based phone system is not hard-wired to one single location, you have the flexibility to talk with clients and employees anywhere you have internet access. You can take your work phone home or to any remote location with internet and plus it in. If you want to use your cellular phone, you can download the mobile app available for iPhone or Android.

Safe and Secure

You won’t have to worry about most common phone security risks like spoofing or phishing. Cloud-based phone systems increase security for you and your business through data encryption, network security, and voice security. And with automatic updates and upgrades, your cloud-based phone system software automatically installs the latest features and software fixes.

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