4 Reasons Why Landline Phone Systems Snap, Crackle and Pop — and What to Do About It

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As we blogged about recently, the HD audio quality on business-grade cloud telephone systems is superior to landline phone systems, because the former uses wideband technology and the latter uses narrowband technology (learn more here).

Today, we’ll look at another key reason why a growing number of businesses are upgrading to a cloud telephone system: they’re fed up with landline calls that sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies; that is, they snap, crackle and pop. Here are the key reasons why:

1. Corroded Phone Lines

The plain old telephone system (POTS) uses copper wire technology that hasn’t been new and innovative since the 1800s. Often, these wires are poorly insulated and corrode over time — which leads to plenty of line noise. While it’s true that these lines can and should be replaced, it’s also a costly and time consuming project that the phone company would rather avoid. As such, unless the problem is egregious and constant, businesses are basically forced to take it or leave it.  

2. Faulty Wiring

The same POTS wiring that corrodes over time is subject to other problems that lead to line noise and dropped calls, such as loose connections and hungry rodents. If the source of the problem is an exposed wire, then in most cases it can be fixed relatively easily. However, if the problem is located underground or behind walls — which is almost always the case — then it’s a costly, complex mess that can require digging and laying new cable. 

3. Electrical Interference

Nearby high-power lines are another common — and frustrating — cause of line noise; both intermittent disturbances, and in some cases an endless “humming” sound. Radio station transmitters can also lead to intermittent and ongoing electrical interference. Sometimes, the noise can be reduced through the use of filters. However, if that doesn’t work then affected businesses are faced with two unwelcome choices: they can accept the frustration, or they can move.  

4. Other Devices

We’re surrounded by a variety of devices and gadgets (e.g. point-of-sale systems) that share a single phone line — which can create a traffic jam and lead to degraded call audio. Installing filters can reduce the electrical interference in some cases. But if this doesn’t work, then the only other option to eliminate the noise is to disconnect gadgets. To say this is tedious and impractical is an understatement!  

The Solution

If your employees are tired of hearing snap, crackle and pop when they make and receive calls, then the solution is simple: upgrade to an affordable, flexible, and future-proofed cloud telephone system from Carolina Digital Phone! Our system features crystal clear wideband audio instead of old-fashioned narrowband audio. For some of our customers the improvement is so dramatic, that they compare it to the jump from SD television to HD television. It really is THAT big of a difference!

To learn more, contact us today at (336) 544-4000 to schedule your free demo and consultation. We can visit you at your location, or connect with you over the web. 

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