5 Business-Related New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

New Year's Resolutions Hosted VoIP

2019 has arrived, and we are looking forward to many positive developments and continued growth here at Carolina Digital Phone. It’s also that time of year where many of us celebrate an annual tradition: making New Year’s Resolutions.

Now, the bad news with New Year’s Resolutions is that, according to research, about 92% of us don’t follow through on our promises. That’s a pretty grizzly statistic (unlike these statistics about the hosted cloud industry, which are inspiring). However, there is some good news, too!

That’s because here at Carolina Digital Phone, we can help you make and keep 5 business-related New Year’s Resolutions for the year ahead, which will elevate your business to a higher level — and keep you there for the foreseeable future. Here we go:

Resolution #1: Save Thousands of Dollars a Year

How We Make it Happen: Our hosted cloud phone system has no expensive upfront CapEx costs, there are no costly trunk lines to rent, and there are no added maintenance costs. Everything is included in your affordable seat licensing agreement.

The amount you can expect to save depends on various factors, including your current usage and how much you are paying (or make that over-paying) your current carrier. Generally, you can expect to save anywhere from 25% to 50% each year. In some cases, your savings may even be higher.

Resolution #2: Improve Customer Service

How We Make it Happen: Research by Gartner reveals that 89% of businesses compete through the level of customer experience they’re able to deliver, and research by Zendesk has found 82% of customers have disengaged with a business because of poor customer experience.

Our hosted cloud phone system helps you win the customer experience battle by equipping your workforce with a wide range of customer-centric features and tools, including auto attendant, IVR, find-me-follow-me (less chance that calls will go to voicemail), voicemail-to-email (messages are picked up and calls are returned faster), music-on-hold (can be customized to provide timely and relevant customer-centric information), and more.

Resolution #3: Support Our Mobile Workforce

How We Make it Happen: Research by IDC predicts that the number of mobile workers in the U.S. will grow to 105.4 million by 2020, at which time about 75% of all employees will be mobile. In fact, according to research by Citrix, 60% of Millennials already work outside of the office at least part of the time.

Our hosted cloud phone system gives all of your workers — from Generation Z to Boomers — the ability to make/receive calls, access advanced features, and collaborate with colleagues anytime and anywhere through their tablet or smartphone. What’s more, outgoing calls through the system will display the business’s caller ID information, not the employee’s personal name and number. This makes things look much more professional, plus in some cases it is necessary to safeguard employee privacy and security.

Resolution #4: Strengthen Business Continuity

How We Make it Happen: Business continuity is one of those priorities that tends to get pushed down the list — that is, until the power goes down and it becomes the only thing that matters; not just for serving customers, but also for keeping employees connected and productive — and in more serious situations like during last year’s Hurricane Florence, for keeping staff safe and informed.

Our hosted cloud phone system has multiple built-in features that keeps the system online and functional, even in the event of a local power outage that may last for a few minutes, hours or even days. These contingencies include:

  • Using a geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure that allows us to automatically route communications to another part of the state/country that is unaffected by the power outage.
  • Automatic failover that instantly switches to a secondary broadband internet connection if your primary connection goes down.
  • Carrier-grade network security that protects your system from outages or problems caused by malware. Remember: our system is NOT run on the public internet. It is managed on a private and highly secure data network that is protected by end-to-end encryption mechanisms including Transport Layer Security/TLS and Secure RTP for transmitting media.

Resolution #5: Say Goodbye to Support Headaches and Costs!

How We Make it Happen: One of the most frustrating drawbacks of a conventional landline phone system, is that getting timely and helpful technical support is an uphill battle. As such, your business must either purchase a ridiculously expensive maintenance agreement, or you must hire in-house telecommunications experts to manage your system — and they aren’t cheap!

With our hosted cloud phone system, we handle all maintenance — everything from answering end user questions about features, to ensuring that the system is secure, optimized, and always has the latest updates and innovations. All of this is provided to you at NO additional cost. Not only will this make your CFO happy, but it will delight your IT team since they no longer have to deal with complex and time consuming telecommunications issues. They’ll jump for joy!

The Bottom Line 

At Carolina Digital Phone, we will help you achieve ALL five of these major New Year’s Resolutions, including: saving thousands of dollars each year, improving customer service, supporting your mobile workforce, strengthening business continuity, and saying goodbye to support headaches and costs.

To learn more about turning your business aspirations into achievements contact us (336) 544-4000 today for your FREE live guided demo. We can connect with you on-site at your location, or over the web.