North Carolina Approves Second Area Code 743 for Piedmont Triad

North Carolina State officials approved a second area code for the Piedmont Triad that will overlay the current 336 code. The new 743 overlays for the area code will be implemented before all numbers in that area code are exhausted, expected to be in 2016.

The North Carolina Utilities Commission announced on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 that the 743 area code has been approved for use. Local phone providers will provide details later on when the new area code will start, commission officials said. The new area code will mean all local calls will require 10-digit dialing. However, local calls with both area codes will remain free.

Customers who already have 336 numbers will be allowed to keep them. The new area code will be used primarily for issuing new numbers. The new area code is needed because all available 336 numbers are expected to be used up by 2016, commission officials said. The Raleigh and Charlotte areas already have two overlay area codes.

Approved on August 13, 2014, by the North Carolina Utilities Commission, the 743 area code will be introduced as the relief method for existing area code 336, covering a northern portion of North Carolina with cities such as Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and smaller towns like Burlington, Mount Airy or Trinity. The newly approved NPA will overlay 336 (will serve the exact same area).

After a 6 month permissive dialing period, when local calls within area code 336 may be dialed using both 7 and 10 digits, 10 digit dialing becomes mandatory in April 2016.

Key dates:

  • October 24, 2015 – the start of permissive 7/10 digit dialing period
  • April 23, 2016 – end of permissive dialing period
  • May 23, 2016 – area code 743 enters service

Updated News:

February 2021: The adoption of the new Area Code has been very slow as many business owners are frustrated with yet another area code. The original area code in the 1980s was 919, then later changed to 910 and in 2000 changed again to 336. Businesses in the Piedmont Triad area have had to suffer at the hands of a new area code introduction. Most companies in Piedmont Triad have now seen four different area codes.

References to lean More at North America Numbering Plan Administration

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