pfSense Security Appliance Solutions

SG-4860Carolina Digital sells and supports pfSense security appliance solutions provide reliable, scalable systems that are unmatched in value and performance for your network and hosted VoIP applications. Because there are no required on-going maintenance or license fees, we provide the lowest total cost of ownership with the most security and connection features in the market today.


  • Open Source technology – provides the most flexible feature set with no artificial limitations and multiple configuration options at no extra charge
  • Easy to use – intuitive web interface makes it easy to configure your network security preferences without manually editing rule sets or coding ability
  • Powerful hardware made for pfSense – our custom-built hardware appliances were designed to optimize the performance of pfSense. Our firewalls are the only 1G upstream capable security appliances on the market.
  • The most affordable true Gigibyte capable hardware solutions on the market today
  • pfSense does not charge required on-going maintenance or support, reducing your total cost of ownership
  • Our pfSense appliances include features to address every major security concern by best of breed security modules (examples include Snort, Squid and Squidguard)
  • Built on Open Source technology (FreeBSD) – reviewed by multiple entities and independent auditors and stability and reliability.
  • No artificial limits to the software or hardware – deploy almost limitless VLANs, VPN, SSL tunnels at no extra cost

To purchase your new pfSense Router appliance call us at (336) 544-4000 or purchase online at pfSense Appliances in online store where you can see the complete family of pfSense appliances.

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