Does Your Business Need to Switch to a Hosted Cloud Call Center?

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In theory (which is always an ominous way to start an article) a call center is supposed to help businesses save money, improve productivity, increase compliance and governance, and most importantly: enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

However, many businesses that use a conventional premises-based PBX to support their call center aren’t reaping these rewards. Here are the three key challenges they face, and how they can permanently solve them by switching to a hosted cloud call center:

Excessive Overhead Costs

Premises-based call centers are very costly to operate. Reps and agents must be housed on-site, which drives up leasing, infrastructure and utility costs. In some cases, businesses are forced to move into larger and more expensive offices to accommodate a growing call center workforce.

With a hosted cloud call center, businesses can deploy call center staff off-site in areas with cheaper lease and overhead costs. They can also set up agents and reps in home offices, which drives costs even lower.

Limited Communication Channels

Today’s customers — and we’re not just talking technology-loving millennials — want the option to connect with businesses through instant messaging and chat. Integrating these into a premises-based call center can be complex and costly. And in some cases, taking advantage of the latest unified calling innovations and technologies simply isn’t possible.

On the other end of the spectrum, a hosted cloud call center supports a full range of communication channels, including instant messaging and chat. What’s more, hosted cloud phone systems are a “future proofed investment” in the sense that businesses always enjoy the latest features and functions. The latest and greatest innovations aren’t reserved for new customers — which is something that conventional phone companies are notorious for doing!

Employee Burnout

Ask any call center veteran, and they’ll tell you that the job experience can be rewarding, but it can also be stressful and hectic at times. Yet, supervisors, managers and executives are often unaware of what’s really going on in the environment, because premises-based call center phone systems don’t tell the full story.

Fortunately — and some call center employees would also say mercifully — a hosted cloud phone system supports 360-degree visibility. Supervisors, managers and executives can track a full range of metrics and KPIs, such as time-to-resolution, first call resolution, call volume patterns, and more. All of this actionable data can be used to provide individual and team training, support better scheduling, and trigger recruitment campaigns.

The Bottom Line

When businesses switch to a hosted cloud call center, everyone wins — especially customers, who spend less time on hold or leaving voicemails, and more having their questions answered, their problems solved, and their goals achieved.

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