You only have to glance around you at a coffee shop to notice that we’re more heavily dependent on technology than ever before. While many of us use our phones to catch up with friends and keep abreast of the news, businesses rely on the internet for a whole host of reasons. Even the briefest window of downtime can have a ripple effect, costing organizations both financially and in terms of their reputation and brand image. Did you know that around 60% of IT executives have to contend with downtime at least once a month? With downtime a real threat...

In theory (which is always an ominous way to start an article) a call center is supposed to help businesses save money, improve productivity, increase compliance and governance, and most importantly: enhance customer experience and satisfaction.However, many businesses that use a conventional premises-based PBX to support their call center aren’t reaping these rewards. Here are the three key challenges they face, and how they can permanently solve them by switching to a hosted cloud call center:Excessive Overhead CostsPremises-based call centers are very costly to operate. Reps and agents must be housed on-site, which drives up leasing, infrastructure and utility costs....


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