Learning from our own mistakes is smart. But learning from the mistakes of others is wise — and also a heck of a lot less painful, tragic, awful…you get the picture.If your business has decided to switch from your conventional landline phone system to a cloud phone system, here is the biggest and costliest mistake that others have made, but that you can wisely avoid: underestimating the importance of OUTSTANDING SERVICE.Factors like features, functionality, scalability, and price are vital considerations and must not be ignored. But without a doubt, service is going to determine more than anything else whether your...

When it comes to hunting out modern-day solutions to drum up growth within your business, you can often find yourself in a minefield of options without any serious guidance as to what can serve your company best. One solution that is becoming more and more popular with each passing year is that of VoIP service also known as as hosted cloud-based telephone services. We will go on to explain what a VoIP service is briefly in the next section, but the main focus of the article is to compare two companies providing cloud-based telephone solutions to businesses and see which...


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