On the educational landscape, typically students fear getting an “F” on an assignment or test. However, an eye-opening new study reveals that most school districts around the country are not making the grade during the coronavirus pandemic.The study carried out by the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CPRE), looked at the policies of 477 school systems across the U.S. and discovered that only 33% of districts expected teachers to remotely provide instruction, track student engagement, and monitor academic progress for all students. The gap was especially pronounced in economically disadvantaged communities. As the study’s lead researchers soberly concluded:“This spring, it...

As it stands, school districts across the country are dealing with a budget squeeze. Teachers across the board want to work in an environment where they feel they can remain connected, communicating within their building and outside it. For this to be effective, teachers and schools need a phone system that works efficiently, is dynamic and isn’t going to let them down in a time of crisis. It’s one of the biggest reasons that schools are starting to adapt to cloud phone systems.Educators are facing a challenge where they need to keep up with the times while continuing to provide...

Many organizations such as manufacturers, retailers, schools, car dealerships, medical offices — and the list goes on — need to broadcast messages to multiple employees. Naturally, phoning each individual employee is tedious, time consuming, ineffective, and can even be hazardous if the message is of an emergency or urgent nature. Fortunately, that is where IP Paging enters the picture and avoids all of these problems.What is IP Paging?IP Paging uses specially-designed speakers, which is attached to a hosted cloud phone system just like any other endpoint. Each speaker has a unique and designated extension. When supervisors, managers, or any other...


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