In today’s uncertain, fast-paced, constantly-changing and relentlessly competitive business landscape, having a flexible workplace is crucial for success — and in the long run, survival. But how can organizations optimize workplace flexibility, so they can embrace rather than resist change? The answer is simple: upgrade to a cloud phone system. Below, we highlight seven critically important ways that a cloud phone system drives workplace flexibility: Location Flexibility The most well-known — and indeed, the most valuable — way that a cloud phone system makes workplace flexibility happen is by enabling employees to access the system from anywhere. For example, employees can use a...

Why Bigger is Not Always Better Bill Gates once said that “success is a lousy teacher because it seduces people into thinking that they can’t lose.” Well, to this we would add that success is sometimes not just a lousy teacher for people — it can also be a lousy teacher for companies, too. Take for example the consolidation that is happening in the VoIP industry. A growing number of relatively small companies are being acquired by larger organizations. On the surface, this seems like a good thing. After all, bigger is supposed to be better, right? But if we take...

Regardless of the size of your business, there’s a very good chance that you either have some staff working from home right now, or you’ll have some staff working from home in the near future (if not exclusively, then partially). This has nothing to do with social distancing, and everything to do with the fact that remote working is generally cheaper for employers and generally preferred by employees. Plus it’s good for the environment. However, if you think that a conventional landline+smartphone is sufficient for your remote workers, then think again! Here are 5 reasons why a cloud phone system is...


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