How Carolina Digital Phone can Help your Schools Save Money On Telephone Services

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As it stands, school districts across the country are dealing with a budget squeeze. Teachers across the board want to work in an environment where they feel they can remain connected, communicating within their building and outside it. For this to be effective, teachers and schools need a phone system that works efficiently, is dynamic and isn’t going to let them down in a time of crisis. It’s one of the biggest reasons that schools are starting to adapt to cloud phone systems.

Educators are facing a challenge where they need to keep up with the times while continuing to provide an education to their pupils. As we move toward a digitally-led world, schools need to keep pace if they hope to ensure that students are engaged and ready to learn. Unfortunately, we also need to ensure schools remain safe, and a big part of that will be in keeping the communications systems as secure as possible to improve the information flow. The traditional PBX phones have been doing the job for many years, but as times move forward, so must our schools.

What Is a Cloud System?

Cloud phone services use WiFi and internet as a more efficient way to communicate that is also affordable without all of the exchange issues. This includes things like poor voice quality and constant interruptions to the services that landlines deal with. Given that everything is moving toward cloud technology, it makes sense that cloud learning is the future of our education systems. So, embracing a hosted cloud system in your educational facility is an investment in the future of your students.

How Can a Cloud System Help Your K-12 School Save Money?

Migrating to a digital platform for all of your educational technology is imperative to stay ahead in the industry. The way that your students learn is vital, but you also need to consider how your staff and educators can keep the communication flow of the school moving forward. Updating the technology for the classroom and for the administrative offices is essential for schools to boost their productivity, cut down on wasted time for tasks that are taking too long and let go of equipment that doesn’t work fast enough. So, how does cloud really help your schools save money on telephone services?

Budget Savings

As we mentioned earlier on in this article, budgets are being squeezed, shaved and sliced up every year. Schools are being left with less and less money to spend on the necessities, with teachers spending out of their own pockets on the essentials. Educational facilities are always on the hunt for ways to save money and offer as much as they can for their students. With better technology, educators can be more efficient, less time is wasted, and cuts to the essentials are fewer. All round, a cloud system with Carolina Digital Phone can save an educational facility up to 40% less per month. These savings shouldn’t be missed out on if you can help it.

No Expensive Hardware

When you choose to install a cloud telephone system, there is no expensive hardware to pay out for. That’s an immediate saving for your school and a massive reduction in your telecommunications costs. Built-in video calling features can reduce the cost of travel expenses, allowing educators to attend important meetings where they are without the need to go anywhere. Costs are saved, all because you’re using cloud technology instead of a telephone system connected by wires.

Automation Advantages

There are a great many providers out there that offer free calls that are in-network, and this allows all school administrators and teachers who are within the internal phone system to connect to each other – for free. Using a cloud system gives those using the system access to automation features that they can take advantage of, which include a boost in productivity and makes staff far more efficient.

Total Connectivity

When you have a cloud system installed in your facility, you’re likely to have multiple buildings and offices that need connection. These buildings may not be near each other, but that no longer matters. With a cloud telephone system, you can enjoy complete connectivity to every educational building that is connected to your school. This makes staff work in a productive manner that suits everyone and keeps the school running as smoothly as possible. You no longer have to have separate communications systems to consider – which ultimately costs more money.

Future Preparation

Every educational facility in the world prepares its students for the future. If you’re doing this within your mission for your school, then applying that to your own working environment and the future is going to benefit you massively in your security and safety. You can future-proof your school communications system and save money over time while also saving yourself the time on replacing the system you have every five years!

Why Choose Carolina Digital Phone

If you are an educational system that is currently looking for a better way to remain connected, choose Carolina Digital Phone. Serving K-12 education facilities among other industries, we can help you to understand your connectivity needs and start saving you some money. All of our features are laid out for you on our website and when you speak to a member of our friendly team, and we can ensure that your entire communications system is taken care of.

This leaves you free to help your school to continue to function in a better way. Carolina Digital Phone has been a leading provider of services to K-12 schools in the Southeast United States for more than ten years; we know what we’re talking about!

Give us a call today, and our specialist team can talk you through your needs and help you understand what we can do for you. Your school deserves to save money and work well – we can assist you with this.

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