Compare Spectrum Business Connect With Carolina Digital Phone

At Carolina Digital Phone, we encourage our potential customers to perform due diligence when comparing our VoIP business phone system with our competitors, such as Spectrum Business Connect, 8×8, Ring Central, Vonage, etc. Why do we welcome competition instead of avoiding it? Because we are extremely confident that when our potential customers conduct a rigorous “apples to apples” evaluation, they will objectively determine that we are the smart choice. 

Below, we highlight the three pillars — which we call the “3 Ps” — that separate and elevate us from Spectrum Business Connect (and the rest, big and small): PEOPLE, PRODUCT, and PRICING.


When you choose us, you are getting more than a state-of-the-art VoIP business phone system: you are getting the BEST TEAM IN THE INDUSTRY! Carolina Digital Phone is a knowledgeable local leader in the cloud-based communications industry. With decades of computer and cloud-based technology experience, we know the industry inside and out. We constantly work to improve our products and services to remain competitive and cutting-edge.

Local Customer Service

When you call Spectrum or other vendors, you might be speaking with someone at a call center in Texas — or on the other side of the world. We are located in downtown Greensboro, and you’ll get to know us by first name — just like a trusted friend who is there for you when you need them. 

Responsive Customer Service

We are also extremely responsive. If we aren’t able to answer your call (which can happen on occasion), then you can expect a call-back within minutes, or hours at most. With some other companies, you’re lucky to hear back within a few business days. 

Personalized Customer Service

What if you have a question or issue outside of normal business hours about something like internet speed, download speed, or anything else? No problem! Our technical support line is available 24/7 and staffed by a team member– not someone in a call center who knows where… Just dial 611 from any device connected to our VoIP business phone system (digital desk phone, web/softphone, or mobile app) and we’ll be there to answer your call, day or night. Our customers know they will be treated like family, not like just another number.

Simply put, the (not-so) secret of our success — and more importantly, the success of our MANY customers — is that when they choose us, THEY GET US. And so will you!


*So, let’s pull back the curtain on a fact that we are happy to publicize, but other companies really try and keep it under wraps: everyone pretty much offers the same technology. Yes, there can be some differences, but they are relatively minor.

And so, if the technology is (generally) the same, when it comes to product where is the gap between us and our competitors? THE FEATURES.


Most other companies — including Spectrum Business Connect — have offer features in “tiers.” For example, if you want features like voicemail-to-email with transcription, call recording, or even mobile apps, then you have to pay for a higher tier.

Is this practice basically anti-customer? Definitely. But that doesn’t stop vendors from doing it. Some of them even claim that this is “mandatory” and they aren’t making any extra profit. Of course, this is a lie. 

Well, at Carolina Digital Phone, call us old-fashioned, but we don’t think lying to our customers is good business ethics.  

That’s why when you choose our VoIP business phone system, you get OVER 150 FEATURES at absolutely no extra cost, including our easy-to-use mobile app for iOS and Android. Our competitors don’t want you to know about this…but we do!  


We have already started the discussion about pricing, so let’s dive deeper. Unlike our competitors: 

Additional Service

We offer a basic plan that starts as low as $6 per user, per month. Plus, you are free to choose from among ANY internet providers, including your existing ISP. Spectrum Business Connects starts at $19.99 per user, per month, and must be on a 2-year term. What’s more, to get this limited-time monthly rate, you must bundle VoIP with Spectrum Internet, which costs an additional $49.99/month for the first 12 months. After that, “standard business pricing” applies (currently the cheapest of plan options is $64.99/month, but this could certainly be higher 12 months from now; there is no guarantee it will stay at this level, and you can expect to pay more if you need the fastest internet speed regardless of the promotional period).

No Hidden Fees

We do NOT have small print in our agreements that allow us to raise your fee. For example, if you enter into a 5-year agreement at cost of $250 per month, then guess how much you’ll be paying 5 years from now? That’s right: $250 per month. Our competitors typically pass these ongoing increases onto their customers (just like how you keep paying more…and more…and more for your cell phone). We don’t do this kind of thing — never have, and never will. And what if you don’t want annual contracts or multi-year contracts? That is no problem, either. You can go month-to-month if you wish. It’s totally up to you, which is how it should be! 

We do NOT tack on all kinds of taxes and fees on our phone service — including some that sound legitimate but are completely bogus (read this article to learn about the 7 VoIP “fees” you should never pay!).

The Final Word

Some VoIP vendors are afraid of competition. At Carolina Digital Phone, we LOVE competition, because we have full confidence that when our customers do an apples-to-apples analysis, they will conclude that on the three things that matter most in the big picture — PEOPLE, PRODUCT, and PRICING — we win every time, and more importantly, so do our customers! See for yourself by reading our Google Reviews.

Ready to get started? Contact Carolina Digital Phone now at (336) 544-4000 for your free guided demo and consultation.