5 Game-Changing Benefits of VoIP Phone Service

VoIP phone service

There are some solutions on the business landscape that are not just beneficial, but they are fundamentally transformative — and switching to VoIP phone service is definitely on this list! 

Below we highlight 5 game-changing benefits of VoIP phone service:

1. VoIP Phone Service Unleashes Total Mobility 

With a conventional landline phone system, employees need to juggle multiple phones – each with a different number: the corporate office phone, their home office phone, and their personally-owned smartphone (and in some cases, a corporately-supplied smartphone as well). Not only is this tedious, but it leads to frustrated colleagues and angry customers who never know the “right” number to call.

VoIP phone service eliminates this confusion and chaos. Thanks to mobile apps and call forwarding, employees can be reached with a single number regardless of where they are working, or what device they are using. 

What’s more, remote workers do not have to have a separate home office phone line installed. They simply plug an IP phone into the back of their Wi-Fi router, they slip on a headset, or they launch an app on their smartphone — and they are good to go. Talk about game-changing!  

2. VoIP Phone Service is Extremely Reliable and Enables Business Continuity 

During local power outages — which are becoming more common across the country due to the aging and over-burdened energy infrastructure and an increase in severe weather events — conventional landline phone systems “go off the grid.” Not only does this grind internal communication and collaboration to a halt, but it leads to unhappy customers.  

VoIP phone service uses a geo-redundant cloud-based infrastructure, which means that when the power goes out the system automatically shifts to another geo-redundant data center that is still online. 

A perfect example of this game-changing advantage is from back in September 2018, when Hurricane Florence smashed through the Carolinas. At Carolina Digital Phone, we were fully prepared with three secure geo-redundant centers. All of which were fortified with batteries and generator backups. When the power in our geo-redundant location in Research Triangle Park, NC went offline, our system automatically switched all call/text handling processes to an unaffected geo-redundant location. Our customers did not experience a moment of disruption.  

On the topic of reliability: in many cases, the audio quality of VoIP phone service is superior to conventional landline systems. Old solutions rely on underground copper cables that were laid decades ago. They are degrading due to moisture and cold temperatures. Indeed, this is why many businesses that use a conventional landline system hear an annoying buzzing. They also experience dropped calls during and after rainy weather and storms. 

3. VoIP Phone Service Generates Valuable Call Center Analytics

Businesses that switch to VoIP phone service can access live reporting tools. This empowers contact center operators to improve employee performance and customer satisfaction. It’s accomplishable through actionable real-time business intelligence, persona-driven configuration, and customizable dashboards. In addition, there are separate views for supervisors and agents. They each gets the relevant and reliable data they need to make smarter, faster decisions. 

4. VoIP Phone Service is Incredibly Easy-to-Use!

Why do some employees resist adopting new technology-led solutions? According to a study published in the Journal of Management Information Systems, it’s often because new technology is excessively complex, which sparks fears of looking incompetent or losing status among peers, ultimately posing a threat to one’s sense of identity. 

A VoIP phone system solution is incredibly easy-to-use. There is no steep learning curve that will create anxiety and pushback. The orientation experience is so simple and enjoyable, that the most common thing we hear from employees who use a VoIP phone system for the very first time is “wow, I can’t believe how EASY this is — how did we ever survive without these amazing features?” 

5. VoIP Phone Service Delivers a Full Range of Enterprise-Grade Features

Speaking of “amazing features”: with an all-in-one VoIP phone service, employees access a full range of enterprise-grade features at NO additional cost including:

  • Auto-attendant (multiple languages) 
  • Dial by Name Directory (first or last) 
  • Dial by Extension 
  • Visual Voicemail 
  • Voicemail to Email with Text Transcription 
  • iOS & Android Mobile App 
  • Support for Multiple Integrations (including Microsoft Teams, Chrome, CRMs, and more)
  • Unlimited Business SMS & MMS 
  • Team Messaging 
  • Video Conferencing  
  • Unlimited Online Digital Faxing (HIPAA compliant) 
  • Handset Paging 
  • Overhead Paging Available 
  • Integration with Existing Paging Systems
  • Directed Call Pick Up 
  • Group Pick Up 
  • Site Pick Up 
  • Domain Pick Up
  • Blind Call Transfer 
  • Attended Call Transfer 
  • Voicemail Transfer

Again, it is worth repeating that all of these features are included with Carolina Digital Phone’s all-in-one VoIP phone service — there is no additional fee of any kind!

The Bottom Line

Switching from conventional landline phone service to VoIP phone service is not just an upgrade. It is a game-changer for all of the reasons discussed above. Plus, most businesses that make the switch save anywhere from 20-50% (or even more!) in up-front and ongoing telecommunications costs. This makes switching a game-changer AND a no-brainer!

Learn more by scheduling your free, live guided demo of our all-in-one VoIP phone service solution. We can deliver the demo over the web or at your location. Call us at (336) 544–4000.