City of Lexington, NC – Success Story

Like most government agencies, the City of Lexington, North Carolina needed to bring its phone system into the 21st Century. Their Mitel phone system was aging, and the city was looking to have some redundancy outside of their facility. Systems Administrator Lindsay  Hedrick, who has been with the city for 6 years, opted to take their communications to the cloud!

Previously, all of their hardware was on-site. Now, The City of Lexington has moved its telephone services into the cloud with Carolina Digital Phone. Before the move, he says, they relied on their telephone vendor heavily for support – all the way down to changing a user’s voicemail password. “We were trying to bring some of that in-house,” says Hedrick. He has been heavily involved with the transition to Carolina Digital Phone.

The Onboarding Process

From his perspective, Hedrick says the onboarding process went well. “While we had some hiccups with our previous vendor trying to port some of the lines, the (Carolina Digital Phone) staff was very helpful in working with the other vendor to get those issues resolved – resulting in a very smooth onboarding process,” he said.


While they don’t have as many staff working at home as they did at the start of the pandemic, the City of Lexington still has some staff working remotely. Previously, they were having to take phones to and from the office to allow for remote work. Carolina Digital Phone’s All-In-One Solution includes a web app and cell phone app to make it more convenient for their staff to work remotely. Those who are working in the office can have calls forwarded to their cellphones. Remarked Hedrick, “The integration for remote working has been very nice!”


One of the many features the City of Lexington staff uses is the voice-to-text transcription feature. Once set up, the feature sends a transcription of voicemail as well as a recording to a user’s email inbox. From an IT perspective, says Hedrick, “It’s nice to have that translated text message and recorded voicemail embedded in the email without having to go to a phone to call it back.” That is just one of over 200 convenient built-in features available from Carolina Digital Phone.

Another intuitive and extremely valuable feature used by the City of Lexington is the Call Center. The new system provides some extremely useful abilities including a stats grid, customizable thresholds, and a graphical overview of call center statistics. Customized reports can be configured in an easy-to-use graphic interface. Their previous phone system was very limited when it came to the rich information about their customers’ calls. “We wanted better insights into how our agents are handling calls to try to make the experience better for our customers,” says Hedrick.

Local Support

Of course, having a wide array of features and a smooth onboarding process is great, but what about support after the initial setup? Carolina Digital Phone is based in Greensboro, North Carolina, and provides clients unmatched customer service. Unlike other companies, you will be treated promptly with personal attention from our highly-rated professional team. “For technical support, the staff has been wonderful” notes Hedrick. “It’s always nice to have a vendor who has a knowledgeable staff.”

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a local, knowledgeable cloud-based telephone provider, you need to speak with the professionals at Carolina Digital Phone. In today’s business world, the office is wherever you make it with our all-in-one solution that combines all the necessary communications needed with all the features you can’t live without! Enjoy phone, fax, texting, video, conferencing, and more! Put your office phone directly into your pocket and take your work to-go with Carolina Digital Phone.

With over 20 years of experience providing customers with reliable, affordable, and flexible telephone service, Carolina Digital Phone needs to be your next call. Give us a call today at (336) 544-4000 or click on the icon at the bottom of this page.

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