10 Key Benefits of Digital Faxing

digital faxing

Digital faxing (a.k.a. e-faxing and cloud faxing) is not just alive and well, but it is growing in popularity — particularly in the healthcare, legal, government, telecommunication, and education fields where hand-written initials and signatures are still the norm.  What is behind the surge in digital faxing? These  10 key benefits:  

1. Affordability

Digital faxing is much more affordable than conventional faxing. Getting rid of an old copper line reduces costs by $20-$30 a month (and in some cases more). Plus, purchasing a business-grade fax machine can easily cost around $300, and on top of this, there are ongoing toner/inkjet, maintenance, and repair expenses.

2. Convenience

This solution is remarkably convenient. Employees can send/receive faxes from anywhere at any time — which is a major advantage for those who are working in home offices. 

3. Productivity

Employees do not have to wait until they are in the office or clinic to send/receive faxes. They can take care of this task right away, which makes them more productive and efficient. 

4. Scalability

With digital faxing, adding users is fast, easy and affordable. And if an organization consolidates offices or downsizes, it is not stuck with surplus physical fax machines and fax lines. 

5. Ease-of-Use

Cloud faxing is extremely easy-to-use, and requires no technical ability. 

6. Confirmations

With digital faxing, employees do not have to hover around a physical fax machine to get a confirmation notice that their document has been sent. Instead, the confirmation notice is sent directly to a secure web portal.

7. Storage & Sharing

With digital faxing, all faxes — e.g. contracts, prescriptions, change orders, etc. — are sent as digital files vs. paper documents. As such, they can be easily stored for future reference, and shared with colleagues and others as required. For example, a pharmacist who receives a digitally faxed prescription from a physician’s office can forward that prescription to another pharmacy where the patient is going to pick up their medication. 

8. Security

With this solution, sensitive information is no longer sitting on a physical fax machine out in the open where it could be seen and/or collected by anyone in the vicinity. At the same time, digital faxing uses end-to-end encryption and is much more secure than email. There are also no virus or malware risks.  

9. Future Proofed

With digital faxing, organizations do not have to worry about being saddled with outdated technology. They always get the latest innovations and upgrades like users of cloud-based telephone service.

10. Going Green with Digital Faxing

Last but certainly not least, cloud faxing not only dramatically cuts down on paper use, but it also reduces e-waste since there is no physical fax machine to throw away when (not if) it reaches its end-of-life — which as we all know, is sometimes very shortly after the warranty expires!

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