There are very few things that customers dislike more than being placed on hold. Research has found that 31% of customers will not wait on hold for more than five minutes.  Even worse, many of these unhappy customers are unlikely to come back and give a business a second chance. Separate research has found that after a single bad experience. Here at the facts to know when taking care of your customers. 58% of customers stopped buying from the business. 52% of customers switched to a different business for that particular product or service. 52% of customers told others not to buy...

Best Technical Support is Always LOCAL When it comes to choosing a cloud phone system for your organization, naturally you will focus on things like features, functionality, installation/implementation, quality, scalability, flexibility, security, and of course, price and total cost of ownership. All of these factors are essential and need to be part of the evaluation process. However, there is another critical aspect that you simply cannot afford to overlook — because doing so means that your investment in a new cloud phone system will turn out to be regrettable instead of rewarding. What is this all-important piece of the puzzle? SUPPORT!...

Recently, we highlighted that during the coronavirus pandemic many businesses with legacy (on-premise) contact centers are struggling to pivot to a remote working setup. As a result, they are being inundated with unhappy customers who, instead of speaking to a human being, are being put on hold and told that “their call is very important” over, and over, and over again. Fortunately, the solution to this anti-customer bottleneck is simple and proven: switch to a cloud contact center. Here are the five key advantages: Instant ScalabilityBusiness ContinuityBoost Employee PerformanceIncrease Customer SatisfactionStrengthen Security 1. Instant Scalability Adding new customer service agents to the roster...


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