“Up, Up and Away!” 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Cloud Contact Center

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Recently, we highlighted that during the coronavirus pandemic many businesses with legacy (on-premise) contact centers are struggling to pivot to a remote working setup. As a result, they are being inundated with unhappy customers who, instead of speaking to a human being, are being put on hold and told that “their call is very important” over, and over, and over again.

Fortunately, the solution to this anti-customer bottleneck is simple and proven: switch to a cloud contact center. Here are the five key advantages:

1. Instant Scalability: Adding new customer service agents to the roster is fast and affordable. There is no need to purchase, install, and configure voice modules, expansion I/O cards, add-ons, servers, or storage. What’s more, there is no need to hire expensive IT staff to run and maintain the system, because everything is handled by off-site specialists, including ongoing updates and upgrades.

2. Business Continuity: A local power outage doesn’t trigger customer revolt or employee chaos, because a cloud contact center uses a geographically-dispersed cloud infrastructure. Power automatically shifts elsewhere during a blackout and shifts back when things are back to normal.

3. Boost Employee Performance: A cloud contact center features customizable dashboards with real-time granular insights of an agent, team, and overall performance. Supervisors can use this actionable intelligence to establish best practices, identify training opportunities, enforce compliance, and reward top performers.

4. Increase Customer Satisfaction: A cloud contact center minimizes the need for customers to wait on hold since agents can work from anywhere including a home office (and without having to install a separate phone line). Also, agents can use features like presence to ensure that colleagues are available before transferring a live call, and they can also follow each customer’s journey across multiple channels (voice, messaging, and chat). All of this improves first call resolution (FCR). Research by SQM Group has found that every 1% improvement in FCR increases customer satisfaction by 1% and lowers operating costs by 1%.

5. Strengthen Security: A cloud contact center houses data in a secure tier 1 data center, which is further safeguarded by strong enterprise-grade physical and network security that is monitored by on-site specialists. This is a level of protection that most small and mid-sized organizations cannot provide, but definitely need to given the enormous costs and consequences of a data breach.

Ready to make the switch and enjoy all of these advantages? Get in touch with us today for a guided tour of our flexible, feature-rich, future-proofed, and highly affordable cloud contact center solution.

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