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  1. We will start by providing you with a free comprehensive assessment of your current telephone services, including actionable steps you can take to improve it. Our sales engineers know their way around older telephone systems, and can help you discover what you might be missing with your current system. Be assured that you will NOT experience any disruption to your current phone system during our assessment.
  2. Next, we will provide advice on how a cloud-based telephone system supports your remote workers, and how you can leverage advanced features like auto-attendants, call centers, and follow-me-find-me to improve operations, boost performance and enhance customer service. You will also learn how to create custom call flows, and how your team can make calls from their smartphone from anywhere — but appear as though they’re in the office.
  3. Finally, we will ask you some practical and strategic questions to help you determine if moving to a cloud-based telephone system is the right decision for your business at this time or if your current phone system is suitable for your needs.

Your free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Remember: there is no cost, no risk, and no obligation. You have nothing to lose, and we promise that you’ll learn MANY valuable things during your consultation that will benefit your business! 

Nicky Smith, Founder|CEO Carolina Digital Phone

Nicky Smith, Founder|CEO Carolina Digital Phone

With roots going back to the late 1980s, Carolina Digital Phone has been a proud North Carolina-based company providing unparalleled customer service to customers big and small. Nicky Smith, the company’s founder, and CEO has always been a very philanthropic and pro-North Carolina business owner. Nicky grew up in Winston-Salem, and after college moved to Greensboro where he started an exciting adventure building a successful technology business. While Carolina Digital Phone’s footprint now extends across multiple states, Nicky always remembers with heartfelt gratitude where he came from and the immeasurable support he has received along the way.

By providing local companies the communications tools they need to expand and thrive, Carolina Digital Phone equips customers with the tools they need to be flexible in the ever-changing business marketplace.

Scheduling your free consultation is easy and fast. Simply give us a call at (336) 544-4000, or chat with us by clicking the chat icon on the bottom left side of this page.

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