How to Future-Proof Your Business

future proof

The global demand for cloud-based communication has been increasing at a rapid pace recently. It is estimated that the global cloud PBX market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 13%, reaching a value of 6.36 billion dollars by 2027.

If you don’t switch to cloud communications, your competition will have an advantage. Many organizations have either already switched or are beginning the move to cloud technology. The benefits of switching your business to cloud include increased flexibility, improved performance, and lower cost. Nevertheless, there are still businesses that have not taken the final step to convert to the cloud.

We understand if your company or institution has questions or concerns about changing your current on-premises telephone system. Maybe you think the cost would be too high. Perhaps you don’t trust cloud telephone or just don’t know enough about the benefits.

Let’s Explore the Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud.

Increased flexibility and productivity:
Every day brings more news about companies moving towards allowing their staff to work via the cloud. A survey from MariaDB shows 40% of businesses accelerating cloud adoption plans because of COVID-19. As office workers convert to at-home or hybrid work situations, cloud technology enables everyone in the company to communicate quickly and effectively no matter where they are.

An unlimited potential for growth: 
Moving to the cloud means your business can grow as rapidly as it chooses. Companies with communications on the cloud can expand staff at a moment’s notice. You are no longer tied to physical office space as an obstacle to growing your business.

Scalability and agility:
When business conditions change, your company will be poised for a rapid and flexible response. Speaking of flexibility, businesses on a single, centralized cloud platform can efficiently collaborate and communicate as if they were working in the same office, even if they’re located in separate cities, states or countries.

Reduced costs:
A typical hosted telephone customer will save as much and many times more than 50% over traditional telephone services. Costs remain low because you can use your current internet service provider to deliver high-quality digital voice services allowing you to take advantage of the high-speed bandwidth you are already paying for.

Enhanced continuity:
Carolina Digital Phone offers highly redundant and reliable systems in robust and geographically dispersed areas. Our three carrier-class data centers are located in downtown Greensboro, NC, Research Triangle Park, NC (known as North Carolina’s MCNC.ORG), and in the Equinix Data Center in Dallas, Texas. We understand that any disruption in phone service could mean lost opportunities or revenue when a single call is dropped. Every customer has access to a full range of enterprise-grade features such as auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, live call forwarding, video conferencing, and more.

Ready for the Future

Simply put, cloud technology is the best way to future-proof and protect your business. With the flexibility to instantly add new users, your business can have a phone system that grows freely as your needs change.

That same cloud technology offers geographical versatility, so companies can move resources as necessary. You get the ability to unify locations and teleworkers in a single cloud PBX environment, in an ever-changing world. With recent events like the coronavirus pandemic and changing economies across the globe, there’s never been a better time than the present to plan a move to the cloud.

At Carolina Digital Phone, we are focused on Customer Service. Because we are local, serving North and South Carolina and Virginia, we know about the communities we serve and the needs of the people we serve. Because we are locally owned and operated, we can provide the personalized service that larger companies just cannot. For more information, call us at (336) 544-4000 or chat with us during business hours by clicking the chat icon on the lower-left of your screen.