GL Communications announces the new Voice Recorder Emulator for VoIP Air Traffic Control

(GL Communications Inc. 3rd May 2018) The GL Communications Inc. announced today its new ED-137 Voice Recorder Emulator software also known as MAPS ED-137 Recorder Emulator.

The CEO of the company Mr. Vijay Kulkarni said, “Air traffic control centers need to provide continuous ground/air and ground/ground voice communication recordings along with replay, flight release data, air traffic incident, audits, chronology, training, and statistics.

The new ED-137/4B shows inter-operability standards for the advance generation VoIP Air Traffic Recorder. The advance generation recorders are designed for all local and international control towers to simplify the recording, playback of voice communications, archiving. He also said that ED-137 recorder emulator software match voice recording and all the sounds develop from the voice communication, this software is an addition to test suits for VoIP networks.

The CEO also explains that this software is specially designed to simulate Recorder Interface for both Ground-to-Ground (GG) and Air-to-Ground (AG) calls as a Ground radio station, controller Working Position and the endpoints of Communication Recorders.

The new recorder supports real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) to maintain, terminate, and establish sessions. This active recording session requires an established session which means a number of parameters that are continuously exchanging between entities, before any recording. The RTSP heavily depends on a transport layer protocol, these are the entities which uses SIP to exchange connection information and exchange connection information and capabilities such as transport protocol, IP address, and port number.

Using the new recorder these of the following communication scenarios can be tested:

  • Simulate CWP/GRS entity to create GG/AG recording sessions towards CR to test the functionalities of the recorder.
  • Simulate VoIP ATM Recorder unit to record and receive voice from GRS/CWP to verify the functionality of recorder at GRS and CWP


  • Match the interface of the recorder for Ground-to-Ground and Air-to-Ground.
  • Match the new recorder at GRS, Recorder endpoints, and CWP.
  • The Supported codecs involve Mu-Law, G711 A-Law.
  • Also supports multiple recording systems.
  • On each session to audio files the recorder automatically records voice.
  • There are options through which the user can add the call record data such as callee, caller, and frequency.
  • Customization of parameters.

About GL Communications Inc.
GL Communications Inc. is a global measurement and test solutions provider and from many years working with leading service providers, telecom equipment vendors, and system integrators to meet all the test requirements which are needed at various stages of telecom products development life cycle.

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