Google Voice v5.7: VoIP within the Android App

San Jose, Calif. 26th Jan 2018

In recent times Google Voice 5.7 started the preparation to enable the VoIP directly within the app.

Recently the updated version of the Android app discloses that Google Voice is forming the foundation of VoIP services in the Google Voice 5.7. This update reveals that the app as an official feature is finally going to have VoIP abilities. This means you are directly going to avail VoIP services from your smartphone without any extra and interrupted solutions to use VoIP.

Google voice provides telephony services such as voicemails, call forwarding and voice text messages in the United States and to U.S and Canada. However, it provides PC to PC voice call services worldwide for free. While PC to phone calls are only available in US and Canada at very low cost. Local phone number incoming calls by Google Voice can only be availed by United States citizen. A Google Voice local phone number for incoming calls is currently available only for users in the United States. Google Voice service has been kind of stagnant for years like introducing Gmail and then Hangouts. However, early in the year, 2017 Google Voice was relaunched with modified apps for the web and smartphones. The relaunched of the Google Voice promised the regular updates. However, the most demanding VoIP service was still missing. While there were and are other ways round to avail VoIP through Google Voice services but they are tedious. The new Google Voice app has features like Missed Call Notifications. This is unofficial changelog by the Google. While recently there has been some official changelog posted by the Google Voice in this version of the app. The list includes basically three feature that is save multiple images which are delivered over MMS, phone numbers geographic location and copying voicemail transcription. The feature ‘phone numbers geographic locations’ is not clearly explained yet. Well on the other side the teardown of the Android’s Application Package that is APKs has revealed some future feature for VoIP services within the app. What is important is that these VoIP related features are not officially announced by the Google Voice that said Google may or may not have incorporated these features into the Android app. Various strings in the APK indicates the ground for future VoIP services within the app, but the latest version is believed not be functional for these features for now. The most prominent is “Make and receive calls over Wi-Fi and mobile data.”

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