How Automatic Failover Helps Some Business Avoid Losing $5,600 a Minute

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So it Begins… 

It’s the kind of nightmare scenario that sends chills up and down the spines of even the most unflinching business owners and executives: without warning the network goes down and takes the phone system with it, along with wireless connected devices including computers, laptops, tablets, printers, and smartphones.

Operations grind to a screeching halt. Customers cannot get through to buy solutions or get support, colleagues cannot connect to move the needle on projects and programs, and everyone sits around hoping — and praying — that someone, somewhere, reconnects a wire or flips a switch. Indeed, according to research by Gartner, network downtime costs some organizations a staggering $5,600 per minute.

No More Nightmare 

Now, imagine another scenario that has a similar beginning, but a dramatically different ending:

Without warning, the network goes down. But this time, instead of taking the phone system and connected devices with it, a 4G LTE failover solution automatically kicks in and maintains full connectivity. Customers can get through without interruption. Colleagues can effortlessly connect. Wireless computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones function perfectly. And instead of losing thousands of dollars in lost productivity and sales, the business hums along without skipping a beat.

It goes without saying that all businesses — regardless of size, marketplace, sector or industry — need to avoid the former scenario, and realize the latter. And that is where automatic failover enters the picture and makes ALL the difference!

How Automatic Failover Works 

Automatic failure uses an on-premise router to detect when the primary network connection stops working for any reason, such as problems with a business’s data and/or SIP provider. When a service interruption is identified, the router immediately springs into action and uses pre-defined routing intelligence to shift network traffic to a cellular 4G LTE network. As a result, the business can continue to:

  • Securely and quickly process credit card, debit card, and online transactions.
  • Provide customers with responsive support and service.
  • Keep both in-house and remote employees productive as they access all voice and data services.

And when service is restored to the primary network connection, the traffic is rerouted back automatically. IT teams do not need to lift a finger or make a call.

The Carolina Digital Phone Solution 

At Carolina Digital Phone, we can provide customers who implement our state-of-the-art hosted cloud phone system with a reliable, robust and affordable 4G LTE automatic failover solution from class-leading technology vendors such as Cradlepoint.

If you don’t want to lose $5,600 a minute — or even $560 a minute — contact us today at (336) 544-4000 for your free live demo, delivered over-the-web or in-person.