Need Technical Support? Getting In Touch With Us is EASY

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Recently, we highlighted that the biggest missing piece of the Google Voice for business puzzle is a severe lack of technical support. Basically, there isn’t any. Businesses that run into problems or need guidance on how to use a calling feature have two undesirable options:

Wade through pages and pages of online help, and hope that they find the answers they need (and further hope that they have the in-house technical expertise to understand and apply a bug fix, workaround, configuration change, etc.).

Post their problem on a crowdsourcing platform, and (yet again) hope that someone can give them a hand…eventually. Unfortunately, this isn’t likely. Out of 958 companies that are ranked at CustomerServicesScorescard.com, Google customer service is ranked an abysmal 811. In addition, they are ranked 1.3/10 for issue resolution, 1.9/10 for reachability, 1.7/10 for cancellation, 2.3/10 for product knowledge, and 2.9/10 for friendliness (evidently the motto “Google is your friend” only applies if you don’t have a problem — then all bets are off).

At Carolina Digital Phone, we WANT our customers to contact us when they run into issues, or if they want advice and guidance on how to get the most value from their hosted cloud phone system and any of its components (e.g. conference call systems, IP paging, etc.). We actually enjoy communicating with our customers and helping them. It inspires and energizes us. After all, we aren’t in business to serve ourselves. We’re in business to serve our customers!

If you choose us as your hosted cloud phone system solutions provider, then here are the ways that you can reach us for help, advice, tips, best practices — or anything else:

  • Visit our online Support Help Desk. In addition to easily finding answers to common questions, and seeing the latest company/product announcements, you can submit a help ticket and track the status in real-time. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO GET SUPPORT AND SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST OPTION.
  • Email us at [email protected].
  • Call us at (336) 544-4000.

And while it’s probably not a convenient option for you, please note that you’re always welcome to visit us at our Greensboro, NC headquarters. Unlike some companies that won’t even publish their address, we love meeting our customers — almost as much as we love solving their problems, and inspiring them to say: “I’m so glad that we can trust and depend on Carolina Digital Phone!”