There is good news. You just need to look for it.

economic recovery

Most of us have more time on our hands than ever before. We’re locked down in our homes, with nothing to do. We’re probably reading the news more than we ever have been, actively searching for updates on the coronavirus and information on how many people have died and when we will be able to resume to normal life again. It can be easy to become wrapped up in all of the doom and gloom that is on the television and the internet. However, there are plenty of great news stories out there at the moment; you simply need to look for them.

You wouldn’t think there was a major crisis looking at the stock market

Let’s turn our attention to the stock market. It had its best week in 50 years! If there was ever an indicator that our economy is going to be just fine, this is it! After all, if investors did not have confidence in our economy, the stock market would not be booming and demand would not be increasing.

Make America great again

While we’re going through difficult times at the moment, it is always good to look at tough times as an opportunity. And, the coronavirus pandemic does provide us with a great opportunity as a nation. It means that we can buy American products. We can start prioritizing our own businesses and contributing to their success, rather than buying foreign imports. I am sure a lot of people would not mind spending a little bit of extra if it meant that we were supporting our own companies and keeping them in business.

Some great stories in the midst of the crisis

There have also been some stories of sheer bravery in the middle of this pandemic. While a lot of people have lost their lives, there have also been stories of recovery. I would encourage you to read some of these. Every time you read the daily update about the number of lives lost or a personal account of someone who has passed away, make sure you read a story about someone who survived coronavirus as well. There have also been some great stories around the world of businesses contributing by producing ventilators and other equipment. I read one story about two African migrants, who had been exploited for years, that are now supplying yogurts and vegetables to people in Italy, ensuring families got supplies during the lockdown. It was such a heart-warming piece, and there are many others like it!

So there you have it: some brightness in the doom of the coronavirus. I know that a lot of people are going through a nightmare at the moment. You may be worried about your job. You may be worried about catching the virus. You may have even lost a loved one to this horrible disease. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I hope that these positive stories will help you to see that light.


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